Omarosa Tapes Trump

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Omarosa Manigault and President Trump

Omarosa Tapes Trump

It wasn’t such a long time ago that President Trump’s fixer, attorney Michael Cohen released an audio recording of Trump regarding paying off former Playboy model Karen McDougal. But now, we are getting the same from reality t.v. star and former Apprentice contestant Omarosa Manigault-Newman.

Omarosa is shopping around her book titled “Unhinged.”

Multiple news sources confirm that at least one or two people have heard the “Omarosa tapes.” What are on those tapes is unknown at this time, but to be honest, it is not even relevant considering Omarosa’s position in the White House. And if she had major juicy gossip, I think by now she would have released it since her book is out. So, it’s most likely a publicity stunt and that speaks volumes about our Presidency.

The President said he only hires the best. Imagine if he hired the second best, where would we be?

While those on the right hate actors and yell out “Hollywood liberal” every time Robert D’Niro or Meryl Streep speaks out, what do you think the owner of a reality t.v. show is and the contestants as well? The hypocrisy or ignorance is comical to say the least. Regardless, how was Omarosa qualified for a politically appointed position in the White House? Nothing against her personally, but simply put- she wasn’t.

Because Omarosa’s background is television, I figured she would take any job just to pad her resume and to make a buck. I have no problem with anyone making some coin, but there is a difference between those that have served in government and those that have served reality t.v. From day one I thought to myself- this isn’t going to turn out good and a book will come out of this.

Of course, Trump hired Omarosa because of “loyalty.” What Trump has yet to understand is that those around him are loyal to money first, him second. We’ll leave the argument that competence should supersede loyalty for another day. My dog is extremely loyal, but I don’t have my dog do my taxes.

Besides Omarosa trying to sell a few books, I can’t imagine myself recording anyone, nonetheless, the President of the United States without his consent. The fact that another recording has come out says what about the current state of our White House? By the way, another White House aid has a tell-all book and also has recordings of the President.

When Michael Wolff wrote “Fire and Fury,” people went nuts, especially the President of the United States. But, Wolff was not a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He’s a writer. It should not shock anyone that he was actually writing a book on his experiences.

How many secret recordings have been released of President Bush or President Obama? None. You know why? Regardless of your political opinion of either President, those in the Presidents’ inner circle didn’t think that either President was, well… unhinged. That’ says a lot.

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