One Step Closer to Campaign Violations For Trump

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Karen McDougal, President Trump

One Step Closer to Campaign Violations For Trump

Michael Cohen had another shell company opened in order to payoff Karen McDougal.


Just yesterday, one of the tapes/recordings of Michael Cohen was released by his attorney Lanny Davis on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time.” Publicly, we know there are eleven more tapes that were confiscated by the FBI when they raided Cohen’s office, home, and hotel room.

Prior to this, when it came to Stormy Daniels which feels like that was years ago, it was known and widely reported that Michael Cohen opened up a shell company under the name of Essential Consultants, LLC., in order to make the $130,000 payment to Stephanie Clifford (Stormy Daniels) under the terms of the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

Now, the Washington Post is reporting that while Resolution Consultants, LLC. was known to be another shell company created by Michael Cohen, they didn’t know for what purpose it was opened for or even why. Now we do.


According to the Washington Post, Resolution Consultants, LLC was set up by Michael Cohen to buy the Karen McDougal story from the National Inquirer.

Resolution Consultants, LLC. was set up in September of 2016, and dissolved the same day that Essential Consultants, LLC. was opened, which was October 17, 2016. When was the Cohen and Trump tape recorded? In September of 2016.

As I wrote earlier today, it seems that Cohen and Trump never proceeded to buy the story from the National Inquirer, however, that is not relevant with a possible conspiracy to commit fraud charge.

By taking that extra step, this went beyond a simple conversation between Cohen and Trump. Opening the shell company is definitely a step towards proceeding with their initial talks. And again, as I stated earlier, at this point, we still don’t know if there were any communications between Cohen and The National Enquirer, and to what extent, which if there was, that could be considered an “indirect” benefit to Trump’s campaign, and a violation of campaign finance law.

For example: back in the day in Miami during the Eighties and the Drug Wars, conspiracy charges were very common. Say I strike up a conversation with an undercover FBI agent and start complaining how I’m in debt and I need some quick cash to pay off some bills.

The FBI agent and I start talking about selling drugs. Conspiracy charge at this point? Yes and no. You are pretty much guaranteed that a prosecution isn’t going to result from two guys drinking at a bar.

However, what if we agree to meet tomorrow at 10 a.m. at location x? Conspiracy? Almost. If I show up? Yes. I would be charged with conspiracy to buy/distribute a controlled substance even though I never actually bought the drugs.

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