Operation Faithful Patriot – U.S. Military at Our Border

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Central American migrants rest on the train tracks Friday as a thousands-strong caravan travels stops between Pijijiapan and Arriaga, Chiapas state, Mexico. Caravan members turned down an offer by Mexico that would have kept them in the two southernmost states of that country.Rodrigo Abd / AP

Operation Faithful Patriot – U.S. Military at Our Border

Operation Faithful Patriot is heading to a border town near you. What does it mean? Nothing really. It’s just for show.

President Trump will be deploying more than 5,200 troops to the Mexico border the day before the midterm elections. Think about that. He’s had two years to do this and now, all of a sudden, it is done the day before the country votes. But, President Trump has to rally his base and what better way than the scary migrant caravan.

Now, originally I had written that President Trump lacked the legal authority to send the military to the border to stop the invasion. I am correct because the President was using the words like stop and prevent, etc… That requires an act of Congress which he isn’t going to get and didn’t even bother asking for one. However, the military will be at the border to assist. What does that actually mean?

Well, the military is providing “mission-enhancing capabilities.”  They aren’t stopping anyone. They can assist border patrol, let’s say in transporting migrants and building tents, but they cannot physically stop a migrant from crossing the border, only Border Patrol could do that.

More Fear Based Politics

Per news reports even the President’s own words, the migrant caravan is traveling between 20 – 30 miles per day. As of this writing, they are close to 2,000 miles away, which means with some quick math, they are 66 days away from getting here, so the first week of January 2019. So why is the military sending the troops on November 5th to the border which is six days away?

Like I said, it looks good to Trump’s base. This doesn’t even factor into consideration how many can no longer physically make the journey and give up or stop in Mexico to take up residence there.

This isn’t about stopping a migrant caravan, it’s about fear based politics, getting Republicans to go out and vote and maintain control of the House. That’s all it is. Nothing more, nothing less.

Of course, some of you will feel the need to question what I am saying and that I am supporting illegal immigration, but pay attention to what you read because I don’t say that anywhere in this post or anywhere period. I don’t believe in “illegal” anything. As an attorney, I support the law and believe the courts decide how to interpret the law. So, don’t put words in my mouth or anyone else’s for that matter when you decide to misinterpret statements to suit your narrative.

Soon enough we will find out the costs of sending our military to the border to prevent this so-called “invasion,” but I’m sure it is less than the $25 billion wall. Speaking of the military, you know who can use the $25 billion? Veterans!

I just hope nothing crazy happens at the border such as some social media reports that I have not confirmed with media reports, of civilian groups heading to the border. I don’t advocate that in anyway and believe that will only lead to unnecessary violence.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter @mcatty_alex


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