Our Elections Will Be Hacked Again

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Our Elections Will Be Hacked Again

Our elections are at risk of being hacked again. It’s that simple. Hacking an election, spreading fake stories and not implementing procedures to protect against it, is no different than ballot stuffing.


Earlier today, top officials which included the Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, National Security Adviser John Bolton, and FBI Director Chris Wray, gave a briefing on security for the upcoming mid-term elections. Notably absent: the President of the United States and the 400 lb. man that he thinks is behind the hacking of our democracy.

This would have been the perfect moment for President Trump to show to our country and the world that he does blame Russia for meddling in the 2016 elections. But, I guess we have to wait till another day when we aren’t trying to decipher gibberish such as “would have” and double negatives.


The only time the President is assured to speak out against election hacking, is when he says it will be done to help the Democrats. An absurd statement at a minimum, but an excellent way to counter any arguments on why a Blue Wave will wash away all the red.

We have already seen hacking attempts against Senator Claire McCaskill, and Facebook shut down multiple fake sites just this past week.

Coats when on to say:

“Our focus here today is simply to tell the American people we acknowledge the threat, it is real, it is continuing and we are doing everything we can to have a legitimate election that the American people can have trust in.”

Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee responded via Twitter.

“Glad to see the White House finally do something about election security — even if it’s only a press conference. Now, if only it was actually backed up by anything the president has said or done on Russia.”

Senator Warner makes a valid point. Republicans are talking out of both sides of their mouth and the reason is simple: if Russia hacks our election, will it hurt them or help them?

While top security officials are telling the country we are susceptible to an attack, Republicans voted against adding $250 million in funding for the states for protection against cyber-attacks. In 2016, twenty-one states systems were breached.

Senator Bill Cassidy, a Republican from Louisiana said “there’s $380 million that’s already allocated that hasn’t been spent ― not a dime. No one explained to me why we needed $250 million more.”

Well, here’s a logical response: If it hasn’t been spent, then what is the harm in the extra $250 million? No foul, no harm.

Apparently, Facebook is more serious about election meddling than our own government.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
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