Our Elections Won’t Be Hacked. Just Kidding.

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Defcon 26- Las Vegas, Nevada- the world’s largest hacking convention.

Our Elections Won’t Be Hacked. Just Kidding.

I’ve written many times about our mid-term elections getting hacked. It happened in 2016 and will likely happen again. This isn’t solely my opinion, but also that of the Intelligence Community. But, rest assured it’s not like some kid, say an eleven-year old could actually hack our systems.

What? What do you mean an eleven year hacked into a duplicate of the Florida website for elections? Are you f-in kidding me?

While Florida election officials continue to say that Senator Bill Nelson has no proof that Florida’s election system is susceptible to a cyber-attack, an eleven year old did in fact hack into a replica of Florida’s election systems.

How long did this kid take? All day? A few hours? Shorter than it takes for you to take a shower. Try ten minutes!

What was this eleven year old David Lightman (that’s old school for you. Google Matthew Broderick in War Games) able to do? He changed names and tallies during a hackers convention that is held in Las Vegas, Nevada and is known as Def-Con 26. Not a big deal? Imagine when you show up to vote and your name isn’t on the registry because it has been changed.

The kid was the fastest out of thirty-five children, who by the way, all hacked into the system. They also changed the names of the candidates and added 12 billion votes. How many people do we have in the country again?

The National Association of Secretaries of State which is responsible for tallying votes, said their systems have additional protections and safeguards. Yeah right.

The winner and all-around bad ass- Emmett Brewer from Austin, Texas.

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