Part II- Estimated New Costs for President Trump’s Dictator Parade

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A group of US Army soldiers take part in a yearly military parade celebrating the Polish Army Day in Warsaw, Poland, Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2018. (AP Photo/Alik Keplicz)


Part II- Estimated New  Costs for President Trump’s Dictator Parade


If you are anything like me, you have never been able to fully balance your checkbook. I’m always off. Sometimes by a lot, sometimes a little, but I’ve never been off by $80 million.

Three days ago, I posted about President Trump’s military parade. I even made suggestions on how to better spend $12 million. Now, I did find that figure sort of low, but what do I know about financing a military parade. Actually, who does other than Kim Jung Un?

Turns out, those initial estimates were way off. Multiple news sources have posted an article that based on the Department of Defense’s recalculations, the cost could be as high as $92 million.

So, I will reiterate my original statement on how to better spend that money, especially as we near the triple digit mark in the millions. To be conservative, estimates are usually off, hence why it is called an estimate, but off going up in costs, not down.

“It was a tremendous day, and to a large extent because of what I witnessed, we may do something like that on July 4 in Washington down Pennsylvania Avenue. We’re going to have to try to top it, but we have a lot of planes going over and a lot of military might, and it was really a beautiful thing to see, and representatives from different wars and different uniforms.” President Trump when he saw the military parade displayed by France’s Macron.

By the way, even if I were supportive of this parade, November 10? Oh, I get it. A few days after the mid-term elections. Hopefully, it gets canceled and the funds are used more productively.

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