Paul Manafort’s Bankruptcy Fraud

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Paul Manafort’s Bankruptcy Fraud

Reuters has discovered new information regarding Paul Manafort and the federal charges of money laundering and bank fraud. The information is regarding the bankruptcy of properties in California and the mortgages securing said real estate.

With the pending investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller regarding Trump’s campaign and Russia’s actions in the 2016 Presidential election, it seems that Manafort did not disclose a creditor as required per bankruptcy law.

Reuters review of the property records and the bankruptcy petition shows that Manafort obtained a loan secured by real estate in a residential home in Brooklyn by a sister company of Goldman Sachs, the main creditor of the four properties in bankruptcy. Two days after the bankruptcy judge signed a court order releasing the properties from creditor protection, Genesis now owned by Goldman Sachs, signed off of a loan in the amount of $303,750. Manafort used the funds to obtain $6.8 million to finance the home with another lender.

Paul Manafort was a partner with Jeffrey Yohai, his former son-in-law, with the investment properties. Special Counsel Bob Mueller has already interviewed Yohai.

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