Paul Manafort Busted by Mueller- Communicates with the White House

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Paul Manafort Busted by Mueller- Communicates with the White House

Special Counsel Robert Mueller alleges that Paul Manafort after signing a plea deal, has continued to lie to investigators. One of Manafort’s lies are that he has had no contact with anyone in the White House. This per a court filing by Mueller.

“After signing the plea agreement, Manafort stated he had no direct or indirect communications with anyone in the administration while they were in the administration,” and“that he never asked anyone to try and communicate a message to anyone in the administration on any subject.”

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s pleading states they have text messages and electronic records that indicates Manafort is lying. Mind you, Manafort was already caught by Mueller using encrypted text messaging to tamper with a witness, which resulted in Manfort having to wait for his trial in prison and losing his house arrest privileges.

Manafort’s contact with White House officials are not named in Mueller’s filing, but the fact that White House officials are involved is based on reporting by the New York Times.

Manafort’s advice:

Attack the FBI

Manafort advised to attack the FBI to “de-legitimize” the investigation itself, to “declare a public relations war on the FBI.” Exactly what we have all witnessed and I just wrote about yesterday, which even had former FBI Director James Comey speaking out publicly. My rhetorical question was simple enough: when did the FBI become the bad guys?

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Those attacks include Comey who of course was fired by President Trump because of his investigation into Russia’s election meddling. Trump Republicans no doubt have been playing the discredit game, especially by having Comey testify before the House to answer questions about Hillary Clinton’s emails and ignoring collusion with Russia.

Remember- in two weeks the Democrats take over, so any investigation started by Republicans will get shut done. This is nothing but a PR stunt!

Now ask yourself this question: has Trump had a public relations war with the FBI? Comey, McCabe, Peter Strozk?

FISA Warrant Attacks

Manafort also advised White House administration official(s) through an intermediary, to attack the Justice Department, the FBI, and the Obama administration for seeking the court-authorized warrants (FISA- Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) to listen in on conversations on Manafort, Carter Page, and President Trump himself.

Trump has done just that. From the get-go, Trump accused President Obama of wiretapping him at Trump Tower as some sort of political espionage and revenge for Hillary Clinton losing the 2016 Presidential elections, ignoring the fact, and lying multiple times as well as changing the story numerous times about the Trump Tower meeting.

President Trump has also consistently attacked the judge(s) that have issued the FISA warrants, the Justice Department, especially his own former Attorney General Jeff Sessions who he forced to resign after the midterm elections. Something we have never witnessed before; a President attacking the judiciary and his own Justice Department.

Attack the DNC (Democratic National Committee)

Manafort also advised for President Trump and the White House which at this point is nothing but a carbon copy of Michael Cohen, doing all of the President’s dirty work, to attack the DNC by alleging, no facts of course, that the DNC and Hillary Clinton colluded with the Ukrainians to damage the Trump campaign. Trump has tweeted this fact-free statement endlessly.

The Steele Dossier

Finally, Manafort also advised the White House to discredit the Steel Dossier, compiled by former MI6 British intelligence officer Christopher Steele.

The plan was to discredit the dossier with their continued media relations attacks that the Clinton Campaign bought the dossier from a private investigation firm.

Now, the individual(s) believed to be communicating with the Trump White House are Manafort’s attorneys. That only makes sense and that no doubt will lead to another investigation, especially the Bar of where they are licensed and if so, they are guaranteed to lose their licenses to practice law.

Because Manafort had been communicating for months with Trump officials, President Trump’s legal team may have responded to Mueller’s written questions based on what was known by Manafort. It’s no wonder that Mueller did not seek to sentence Cohen until after the written answers were received.

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Manfort could not only face additional charges of  obstruction of justice, but so can the parties involved which may extend to President Trump. Witness tampering is also possible since Manafort could easily be a witness against Trump because of his work as campaign manager. Criminal conspiracy charges are also a possibility.

Of course, Manafort’s game plan has always been the same, and that is to place himself in a position to be pardoned by President Trump. The thing is President Trump has a history of throwing everyone under the bus, especially to save himself and I wouldn’t put it past Trump to have used Manafort for his own gain, especially since we all know the constitutional crisis that would erupt if Manafort was pardoned.

From day one, I’ve always asked myself why would Manafort take his first case of financial fraud to trial, knowing it’s an obvious loser, and now lie to Special Counsel Mueller if not to seek a pardon? Logically speaking, Manafort’s actions never collided with common sense and there was a bigger picture involved.

I keep saying it, maybe there is no jail time for President Trump, but you will see corruption at the highest levels unlike we have ever seen before.

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s court filing can be seen below.

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