Paul Manafort Latest Member of the Flipper’s Club

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Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort with his wife Kathleen Manafort at the Albert V. Bryan U.S. Courthouse. Alex Wong/Getty Images/AFP

Paul Manafort Latest Member of the Flipper’s Club


Who is this Paul Manafort you speak of? He’s not the coffee boy, that’s for sure because that title belongs to George Papadopoulos.

Of course, there’s no way around President Trump pretending he doesn’t know who Paul Manafort is since Trump has said so many kind words about him, but now what?

The White House commented upon Manafort’s plea acceptance in court almost immediately by stating that there has not been any mention of Manafort in any plea deal and President Trump. That is true, but let’s simplify this with a Poker analogy and you don’t even need to know about Poker to understand this.

So, you are playing Poker with a group of friends. Do you reveal your cards the second you get them? No, as the saying goes, you hold your cards close to your chest. You don’t want anyone to know what you have. Only at the end of the game does everyone know your hand.

Now, we are talking about the most powerful man in the world when it comes to the President of the United States. You think Special Counsel Robert Mueller is going to show his cards early so steps can be taken even if legally, to stop or obstruct the investigation? Of course not! The genius of Robert Mueller’s investigation is that he hasn’t been fired and has placed himself quietly in a position that if he were to be fired now, it’s too late.

Not in a bad way since I was killing weeds in my backyard just before I started this post, but Robert Mueller is the lone weed that one day springs up in your yard and before you know it, your entire yard has been overgrown with weeds. It didn’t happen all at once, but little by little. Each plea deal, immunity deal, and guilty plea is another weed on the White House lawn.

What Does Paul Manafort Know

The million-dollar question is what does Paul Manafort know? We don’t know yet and I wouldn’t be surprised that it is a treasure chest full of information that Mueller doesn’t even know at this point in the game.

It’s very common that when prosecutors flip a person, new information is revealed to them that leads to further information. Considering Manafort’s lengthy career in politics especially as President Trump’s former campaign manager and his work for the Ukraine, Manafort could open the doors to further indictments on an even larger scale.


Part of Manafort’s plea deal is to forfeit his multi-million dollar property in the Hamptons, plus four more properties including four bank accounts. Since President Trump has tweeted multiple times the cost of the Mueller investigation, even as recently with George Papadopoulos’ plea deal, considering the value of the assets that Mueller has now successfully forfeited, this investigation is not only free, it’s in the black.

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