Paul Manafort Seeks Change of Venue

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Paul Manafort Seeks Change of Venue

Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign manager already convicted on eight counts of fraud, has an upcoming trial scheduled in Washington, D.C.

Just like the first trial when a change of venue was requested and denied, Manafort is requesting that his second trial be relocated to Roanoke, Virginia.

Manafort’s argument is that his trial is too politicized and media-saturated, but his trial will proceed next month as scheduled in Washington.

First Trial

Robert Mueller and his legal team still have to decide whether they will proceed with re-trying Manafort on the ten charges that he was not convicted on.

In a motion filed by Mueller’s prosecutors:

“Because the defendant’s post-trial motions have not been filed or ruled on, the government does not at this time have sufficient information to make an informed decision on whether it will seek retrial of the remaining counts.”

“The government, accordingly, respectfully requests that the Court extend the deadline for the government to file notice about the ten remaining counts to one week after the Court has ruled on defendant’s post-trial motions.”

“The United States has consulted with counsel for the defendant and they do not object the government’s motion.”

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