Paul Manafort Wanted Julian Assange

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Paul Manafort, former President Trump campaign manager, awaits sentencing as his plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller didn’t materialized.


Paul Manafort Wanted Julian Assange

It was only a week ago that Paul Manafort through his attorney had said he never communicated with Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks and that he was considering a libel suit because he was defamed.

Let’s not forget that Manafort has been convicted of eight counts of fraud and will die in prison unless he works out a deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. That would be a fun lawsuit to watch. Regardless, even if Manafort didn’t “communicate” with Assange, he definitely had him in his sights.

With reporting from the New York Times, Manafort was trying to broker a deal between Washington and the government of Ecuador for Assange, who has taken up residency in Ecuador’s embassy in London for more than six years now.

Manafort had been meeting with the President of Ecuador, Lenin Moren, regarding China investing in Ecuador’s power grid system. However, Manafort was hoping that in exchange for Assange, the United States would provide debt relief to Ecuador, an idea pitched to him by Moreno.

Manafort is currently scheduled to be sentenced on March 5, 2019.

The New York Times article can be found via this link.

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This post was updated to add Manafort’s sentencing date.


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