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Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former Trump campaign manager lied. Then lied. Then lied again to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office.

Because of Manafort’s lies, his plea deal with Mueller is now non-existent.

“Therefore, the Office of Special Counsel is no longer bound by its obligations under the plea agreement, including its promise to support a reduction of the offense level in the calculation of the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines for acceptance of responsibility,” Judge Amy Berman Jackson wrote in her ruling.

Manafort tried arguing he was just forgetful, but Judge Jackson was having none of it. Judge Jackson concluded that Manafort also lied about his interactions with Konstantin Kilimnik, a Russian associate that has ties to the Kremlin.

What’s Next for Manafort

At Manafort’s age, he is already facing a life sentence and now you can add perjury to his convictions which includes eight counts of fraud.

Yet again, we are brought closer and closer to President Trump and the question continues to be the same: why is everyone in Trump’s orbit lying about their connections to Russia?

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I see multiple angles to Manafort’s case. For one, this is about protecting himself and protecting the presidency at the same time.

First of all, I believe Manafort never wanted to step out of prison. When he was out on bail, he was caught witness tampering and since then, has been in solitary confinement. Why would Manafort go to jail for more crimes while in the comfort of one of his multi-million dollar homes?

Then, while in jail, he rolls the dice on a guaranteed loser case, gets convicted, then agrees to cooperate with Mueller only to lie to him? He knew Mueller would find out.

Considering the Russian circles Manafort is a part of, I have to believe it is safer for Manafort in prison than out. The Russian oligarchs would not take kindly to the possibility that Manafort would flip on them.

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In addition, by protecting himself, Manafort is protecting President Trump simultaneously. Manafort is angling for a pardon, especially since he continued to have communications with the White House even though that was a violation of his plea deal.

Manfort probably thought a pardon was possible, but with time it has become more difficult for him to obtain one.

Besides, at this point even if Trump pardons Manafort, what about everyone else involved? Trump can’t pardon everyone and even if he did, there are state crimes that prosecutors will pursue, putting them all back to the same place they were in.

The court order signed by Judge Jackson can be seen below.

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Latest News on the Paul Manafort Case

This post was updated to correct the mistake that Manafort was Chairman of Trump’s campaign, he was actually the manager.

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