Pence Thinks Trump is a Friend of the Military

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Vice President Mike Pence’s Opinion Piece for Fox.

Pence Thinks Trump is a Friend of the Military

First of all, why is Vice President Pence writing opinion pieces for Fox? How much more can the Trump Administration blur the line between independent journalism and state tv? Apparently, Jeanine Pirro and Sean Hannity campaigning for President Trump wasn’t enough.

Regardless, in what is an “opinion piece” written by the Vice President, Pence wrote that U.S. veterans “have no better friend” than President Trump. Sounds more like a comedy piece.

“But just as those courageous men and women have fought for us, our entire administration has fought for them. Veterans have no better friend than President Trump.”

Now is a good time to point out that President Trump has not visited soldiers abroad, and due to rain, the President did not visit a U.S. War cemetery near Paris. I’ll also remind you that the President used bone spurs in order to obtain a medical deferment from the Vietnam War, bone spurs which apparently doesn’t affect him now at the age of 72, nor his golf swing.

President Trump has also insulted the military by saying John McCain is not a war hero because he was caught, an insult to all those that were POW’s, MIA, or KIA, and stated he knows more than the generals.

I will give credit for the $200 billion budget for the VA and I’m grateful for not having a military- dictator parade. But, the military at the U.S. – Mexico border is a waste of resources, financial and otherwise, and was used as nothing more than a political prop since the military has ZERO legal authority to stop border crossings and to enforce laws on U.S. soil.

The operation formally known as Operation Faithful Patriot, is no more. It’ is simply called “border support” at this time and coincidently, once the midterm elections ended, so did Trump mentioning of the migrant caravan.

And with the President pushing his conspiracy theory of fraudulent votes are being counted in Florida by the Democrats, even though there is no proof according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement of any fraud, President Trump wants to count only the votes from election day, meaning thousands of overseas votes cast by the military and mailed in would not count. And he said this on Veteran’s Day.

With friends like that…

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter- @mcatty_alex


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