Pennsylvania GOP Racist Carla Maloney

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Pennsylvania GOP Racist Carla Maloney

This is becoming a common thread now with my posts: GOP Racists or GOP POS. It’s not my fault, don’t shoot the messenger.

Now in Pennsylvania, Republican Carla Maloney, a former Committee Secretary in Beaver County, submitted her resignation letter for her blatant posting on her personal Facebook page.

This time, another GOP in Ron DeSantis style, called the NFL African-American players taking a knee to protest during the national anthem as “baboons.”

DeSantis, who is in the race for governor against Democrat Andrew Gillum, had said on Fox News to not “monkey this up.” A term that it’s safe to say, most of us, if not all of us, have never heard before.


Of course, the attacks for those associated with the GOP racists and their hate for Florida’s potential first African-American Governor, didn’t stop there. A robocall was made by a white supremacy group pretending that Gillum made the call with jungle music, drums, etc… playing in the background.


But, since calling blacks “baboons” is not enough, Maloney in a second post wrote that the NFL athletes are “overpaid ignorant blacks” that should “go to Africa.”

How bad has racism gotten in politics? It’s blatant. It’s that simple. No more hiding in the shadows. Just like this prior post where I wrote about independent Kyle Greene from Minnesota.

The worst part? I wasn’t around in the sixties, but I know my fair share of history. Having a bachelor’s and master’s degree in criminal justice, many courses focused on racial disparity in the criminal justice system. And in both college and law school, there were numerous courses on racism and the law.

Yet, with all that education, I was naïve. Naïve enough to think that while racism existed, I didn’t realize it did to the extent that it does today because racists were afraid to show their true colors. And here I am in 2018 witnessing something I thought I never would.

Even worse than that, we don’t have a President speaking out against racism. If anything, President Trump condones such behavior.

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