Personal Bankruptcy

Personal Bankruptcy

Articles focused on personal bankruptcy and/or consumer bankruptcy, whether Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or Chapter 13 bankruptcies.


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South Dakota Bankruptcy Filings Increase This Year

The state of South Dakota, according to the Argus Leader, a subsidiary of the USA Network, has seen an uptick in the number of bankruptcy cases. So far this year, there has been an increase of thirty-six percent for cases filed in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of South Dakota.


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President Trump, Bankruptcy, and Student Loans

The Department of Education came out publicly and stated they wish to consider options for students loans and bankruptcy. At issue is determining what does “undue hardship” mean which remains undefined by Congress and left to the courts.


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Bankruptcy Filings Continue to Tumble

As has been the trend nationwide, statistics from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wisconsin shows that bankruptcy filings have decreased to 16,835 for the year 2017 after reaching its peak of more than 30,000 filings in 2010.


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Bankruptcy Fraud

One of the Trustees in the Southern District of Florida in Miami, always starts the 341 meetings by stating that he has caught prior debtors committing fraud and they have been sentenced to jail. Till now, I have had only one case involving fraud since ninety-nine percent of the time clients are truthful in their consultations with me, or in consulting with them, I uncover the information myself.

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