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Ted Cruz is the Reason Why You and I Are not Politicians

Didn’t, and I hate to admit this, the President of the United States have some total whack job of an accusation that Senator Ted Cruz’s father was somehow involved in the assassination of JFK? Another sign not to vote for him.


Russia Penetrates Florida’s Voter Registration Systems

Senator Bill Nelson earlier today said that Russian operatives “penetrated” some of Florida’s voter registration systems. With the mid-term elections getting closer, I can only imagine it will get worse.


The NRA Trolls David Hogg

From day one, the teenage students from Parkland have been running circles around the NRA, to the point that they are also a large influence as to the NRA’s financial troubles. So, instead of trying to figure out how to make more money, the NRA wastes its time by poking fun at and trolling activist David Hogg.


Missouri Primary Results


Ohio’s Congressional 12th District- Election Results


Michigan Primaries


And I Won’t Back Down- Governor Andrew Cuomo Responds to the NRA

Governor Cuomo who is fighting hard against the NRA, responds to the gun rights organization directly.


Florida Big Sugar, Politics, and Adam Putnam

The algae bloom that has invaded the west coast of Florida along with the red tide is a political time bomb and fingers are being pointed towards Florida’s Big Sugar companies and Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam has received $804,000 in direct contributions from Big Sugar and another $7.6 million from PAC’s that receive a majority of their donations from the sugar industry.


GOP- Group of Psychopaths

Executive Director of the Republican Party in South Carolina, Todd Kincannon has been arrested for the brutal killing of his parent’s dog.


President Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission is a Fraud

President Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission is not only a fraud, it is being sued by one of its own members.


Lebron James Who? Trump Rallies in Ohio

Twitter Tough Man, aka President Trump, made no mention of Lebron James while in Ohio as he was campaigning for Republican state Senator Troy Balderson.


Got Money? The NRA is Broke

The National Rifle Association by their own court pleadings are in the red.


Pro Fascist Rally Scheduled for Today

The rally is being organized by the leader of Patriot Prayer Joey Gibson, who is seeking a seat in the Senate as a Republican in the state of Washington.


Facebook and Election Meddling Again

Facebook and Instagram accounts were closed that were identified as fake sites used to mis-spread information and fake news. One of the accounts had 300,000 followers.


Russia Going After Our Power Grids

Now, Russia is taking chaos to the next step according to the Department of Homeland Security. Next on the list- power grids!


Will Russia Hack Our Elections Again

It’s no secret that Russia hacked our election, and that has been confirmed by our intelligence community, even though President Trump denies those results and has at times flip-flopped on his answer depending on the situation.


They’re Heeeeerrrreeee!

Just like death and taxes, we knew this day was coming and with the mid-term elections around the corner, the Poltergeist of the 2016 election is haunting us once again. 


President Trump Fears the Blue Wave is Already Here

The Blue Wave is Coming in November, but truth be told, after Trump’s tweet today, it’s already here. How do we know that? Because it’s the “rigged system” argument all over again, but now in reverse.


Democrats Doing Their Part- Now Do Yours!

President Trump is hitting the campaign trail as is Hillary Clinton and President Obama. Now it’s your time you do your part and get out and vote.


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