Politics in Florida

Politics in Florida

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Ron DeSantis Still a Racist

It was less than a week ago that one of my posts regarding Ron DeSantis as a racist, my second one focusing on him, I had a sub-heading titled “I’m not a Racist But I Hang Out With Racists.”


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Ron DeSantis and Andrew Gillum Choose Running Mates

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum chose Chris King from Orlando, a businessman. Gillum and King met during the campaign for Governor. Republican State Representative Jeanette Nuñez has been chosen by Ron DeSantis. Nunez is the first time a female Cuban-American has been chosen for the position of lieutenant governor candidate in Florida.


florida elections, ron desantis racist, vote for gillum

Ron DeSantis Racist GOP POS, Part II

Where’s the smoke, there’s a political wildfire. Is Republican candidate for Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis a racist?

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Florida’s Racist GOP POS Ron DeSantis

I never expected to have multiple posts calling members of the GOP POS, but they do what they do, and I have to call them out on it. Now, my own state of Florida has a POS running for Governor and no surprise he is a racist.


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Florida Big Sugar, Politics, and Adam Putnam

Tens of thousands of fish have died. Manatees, birds, turtles, Goliath groupers, even potentially a whale shark. As a result, political candidates are keeping their distance from the sugar companies, except one: Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam.

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