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florida recount governor, alexander hernandez, florida recount 2018, alexander hernanez, florida midterm election results

Florida Elections 2018 Lawsuits

Multiple lawsuits have been filed in state and federal court regarding the recount in Florida for the midterm elections.


ron desantis recount, andrew gillum recount, florida election midterm results, florida senate race

It’s Déjà vu All Over Again with Florida and the Recounts

A Florida recount is underway for the midterm elections for the Governor and Senate seat.


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The NRA and the Russia Probe

The Senate Intelligence Committee has requested that the NRA (National Rifle Association) provide documents concerning its connections to Russia. The Committee’s request includes information on top NRA officials traveling to Moscow in 2015.


posse comitatus, migrant caravan updates, latest news immigration, immigration lawyers

Operation Faithful Patriot – U.S. Military at Our Border

Operation Faithful Patriot is heading to a border town near you. What does it mean? Nothing really. It’s just for show.


andrew gillum for governor, ron desantis tax returns, andrew gillum hamilton tickets, andrew gillum robocall clip

Florida Politics This Week

The suspicious packages mailed out to former government officials including Presidents Obama and Clinton, and other high profile celebrities, seems to have come out of one mail facility in Miami, Florida. Racism continues in the race for Governor in Florida between Ron DeSantis and Andrew Gillum.


robert bowers, mass shooting news, pittsburgh pa mass shooting

Attorney General Sessions’ Statement on the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

With the mass shooting this past weekend in Pittsburgh at the Tree of Life Synagogue, Attorney General Jeff Sessions released his statement.


migrant caravan mexico, immigration caravan, immigration lawyers, public charge immigration

The Migrant Caravan and Politics of Fear

Politics, especially in the Trump era is fear based. Scare you into submission. Scare you into voting. If it’s not true, then why not focus on facts? Because facts don’t win elections. Facts don’t get people out to vote.


medical marijuana in florida, puerto rico news, rick scott news, florida politicsThis Week in Florida

Happenings in Florida ranging from marijuana use, early voting, and Puerto Rico opening up service centers in Orlando.



brett kavanaugh fbi investigation, fbi director wray, trump newsLimited in Scope- FBI Investigation of Kavanaugh

Senator Kamala Harris asked Director Wray if the FBI was limited based on directions from the White House.



justice stevens and justice kavanaugh, brett kavanaugh sworn in, supreme court newsThe Disgust That is the Republican Party – Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh

The accusations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh were road blocked by President Trump, White House Counsel Don McGahn, and Republican Senators Chuck Grassley, Lindsey Graham, Orin Hatch, and Mitch McConnell.


Devin Nunes diary farmer, fresno bee devin nunes, republican senate race californiaDevin Nunes Not Even Supported by His Own Hometown Newspaper

Republican Devin Nunes has lost the support of his hometown paper that dates back to 2002.


stormy daniels news, michael avenatti news, trump newsDon’t #### With Stormy Daniels

Remember when Stormy Daniels first came out and said she had sex with President Trump and that there was an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)? What did Trump cult followers say? “She’s a lying (fill in the blank).”



register to vote in my state, deadlines for voter registration, #registertovoteVoter Registration and Deadlines Per State

Here is a list of every state with voter registration information.


senator susan collins donations, brett kavanaugh confirmation votes, supreme court nomination brett kavanaughThe $2 Million Dollar Speech by Senator Susan Collins

Senator Collins’ speech on voting for Brett Kavanaugh resulted in a flood of donations to her opponents.


james comey trump fired, james comey book, fbi director trumpFormer FBI Director James Comey Ain’t Hiding

The Republicans want James Comey to testify on FBI bias, but there’s a catch, they want a closed-door session.


monkey this up, nra political victory fund, nra credit cardRepublican Ron DeSantis and Racist Dollars

Are you a racist and want to donate to DeSantis’ campaign for Governor? Your’re money is good here.


who is running for governor of florida, ron desantis commercial, ron desantis campaign adRon DeSantis Still a Racist

If you don’t see the red lights flashing “warning” on Ron DeSantis being a racist, then you have your eyes closed.


auditorium shores, beto for senate, senator ted cruzWillie Nelson and Beto O’Rourke

Willie Nelson, the pot smoking red headed stranger will be playing a free benefit concert in Austin, Texas for Representative Beto O’Rourke.


coral reefers, medical marijuana and florida

Medical Marijuana in Florida Means Lose Your Job

Even as more states continue to approve medical marijuana, employers continue to fire employees testing positive for marijuana. Florida is no different.


racism politics, virginia election results, virginia GOPDon’t Vote for Virginia Republican Candidate GOP POS Corey Stewart

Now, the latest to join the GOP POS club is Corey Stewart, Candidate for Senate and Republican from Virginia and his campaign consultant, Rick Shaftan.


epa, environmental protection agency, scott pruittThe Environmental Protection Agency at Lowest Levels of Employment

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) employees are resigning in record numbers.


kenner mayor, mayor of kenner, ben zahn nikeMayor E. Ben Zahn From Kenner, Louisiana is an Idiot

Mayor E. Ben Zahn, the mayor of Kenner, L.A., in order to gain some misguided popularity, has banned the purchase of Nike products by booster clubs that use the city’s recreation facilities.


wv supreme court justices, west virginia impeachment proceedingsImpeachment Trials Set for Entire West Virginia’s Supreme Court

Here is something you never see except in the movies, the entire Supreme Court in West Virginia is either being impeached or has resigned.



sexual harassment attorneys los angeles, sexual harassment definition, employee sexual harassment training requirementsLes Moonves May Get Huge Payout

Even after being fired for sexual harassment, Moonves may get a $120 million payout from CBS.


politics in florida, governor rick scott, florida politicsRick Scott is Hiding Now

Protest Governor Rick Scott, and he will leave you high and dry like a bride waiting at the altar. That’s no way to treat constituents.



florida elections, ron desantis racist, vote for gillumRon DeSantis Racist GOP POS, Part II

Now, the Washington Post is reporting that DeSantis spoke four times at a conference organized by conservative activist David Horowitz at the annual David Horowitz Freedom Center Restoration Weekend.


ted cruz senator, tofu, ted cruz wife, ted cruz trump,Senator Ted Cruz Proves He’s an Idiot

Cruz, the used car salesman lookalike, said Democrats are trying to transform Texas into California with its “tofu, silicon and dyed hair.”


sexual harassement lawyer, sexual harassment attorney, mandatory sexual harassment training, bankruptcy attorneyLes Moonves and Top Chef Mike Isabella

Sexual harassment lawsuits forces Top Chef Mike Isabella into bankruptcy.



offshore drilling california, governor jerry brown environment, u.s. epaGovernor Jerry Brown Stops Offshore Drilling

Governor Jerry Brown of California passed two laws to prohibit pipeline construction.


florida elections, ron desantis racist, vote for gillum

The NRA Endorses Ron DeSantis

The NRA and their Political Victory Fund has endorsed Ron DeSantis, governor candidate for Florida.


adam putnam nikki friend, florida medical marijuana, marijuana lawsYour Weed Money is No Good in Florida

A month or so ago, Wells Fargo closed her campaign bank account because Nikki Fried supports medical marijuana and she is a lobbyist in the marijuana industry.


brett kavanaugh gun control, parkland mass shooting, everytown“I Then Placed Myself Underneath his Lifeless Body”

Aalayah Eastmond is one of the survivors of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida who testified at Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing.


mass shootings, mass shooting ohio, cincinnati mas shootingMass Shooting in Cincinnati

The shooter, Omar Enrique Santa-Perez, twenty-nine years of age, opened fire at approximately 9 a.m. in the Fifth Third Center w

hich is located in downtown Cincinnati.


andrew gillum, ron desantisRon DeSantis and Andrew Gillum Choose Running Mates

Republican State Representative Jeanette Nuñez has been chosen by Ron DeSantis and Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum chose Chris King from Orlando.


ron desantis, andrew gillum for governor
Governor Rick Scott

What is Governor Rick Scott Hiding

Rick Scott was sued and now ordered by a judge to release his schedule.



boycott levis, everytown for gun safety, levis anti gun




Levi’s Jeans Comes to the Gun Fight

Levi Strauss & Co. will be working on initiatives with groups to prevent gun violence.


GOP corrupt, president trump news, robert mueller investigationCorruption, Five Affairs, and Duncan Hunter

Busted! Hotel rooms. Uber rides. Bar bills. It’s over for Duncan Hunter.



pennsylvania elections, racism politicsPennsylvania GOP Racist Carla Maloney

Pennsylvania Republican Carla Maloney, a former Committee Secretary in Beaver County posted on her personal Facebook page that NFL African-American players taking a knee were “baboons.”


andrew janz for congress, california election resultsThe End of Devin Nunes Might Be the Mid-Term Elections

Nunes, who heads the Senate Intelligence Committee, is in an agricultural district where farmers are likely being impacted by President Trump’s trade war and Nunes’ district in Tulare County is the top milk producing county in the country.


gun violence in america, parkland shootings, mass shooting schoolsMass Shooting San Bernardino, California

San Bernardino had another mass shooting.



mass shootings in america, nra credit card, gun violence statisticsMass Shooting in Birmingham Alabama

Last night at a teen nightclub called WorkPlay in downtown Birmingham, Alabama, an argument between two men resulted in one of them pulling out a firearm and firing.


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