President Trump Already Buried Himself with Mueller’s Questions

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President Trump in the Oval Office.


President Trump Already Buried Himself with Mueller’s Questions

At the Oval Office, the President answered a few questions about Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Like always, what the President says is shocking and of all the statements he has made in the past, this one could bury him.

In response to Robert Mueller’s written questions, President Trump said the following: “my lawyers don’t write answers. I write answers. I was asked a series of questions. I’ve answered them very easily.”

Mueller and his team of prosecutors must have popped open the champagne after they got over the initial shock of how easy President Trump is making everything for them.

Let’s be realistic. Not even a first-year law student would let the President of the United States answer questions in a criminal investigation by himself.

Actually, a first-year law student wouldn’t allow the President to comment about the case either, but Trump’s legal team has no control over him.

That “perjury trap” that Rudy Giuliani and President Trump love to talk about, the one that doesn’t exist, well, it does now because Trump just created it.

Imagine if you ask me if I committed this crime and I respond with that’s a “perjury trap.” How is that a perjury trap? It’s a simple yes or no question. What perjury trap really means is that the President has three choices:

(1) answer the questions truthfully and face criminal charges;

(2) plead his Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination which no President has ever done, not to mention it looks bad and even the President says only the mob pleads the Fifth;

(3) lie.

That’s the perjury trap, but that was created by the President’s own actions. And now that Trump said on the record that he answered the questions himself, there’s no walking out of that one.

Mueller now has more ammunition against Trump on the answers and has that video recording of Trump saying he wrote the answers himself.

President Trump could have simply said we are working on it and we will submit the answers soon, etc. But he didn’t and couldn’t.

His ego wouldn’t allow it. Trump even seem annoyed and offended at the thought that his lawyers were answering the questions and not him. The President’s ego wanted the credit all to himself, and that will cost him.

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President Trump promoting Celebrity Apprentice.


The Apprentice Tapes are Being Subpoenaed

With rumors circulating from day one that President Donald Trump was overheard and recorded using racial slurs while on “The Apprentice,” those tapes are now being subpoenaed.

The subpoenas were filed by an organization called Lawyers for Civil Rights based on a lawsuit regarding TPS (Temporary Protected Status) for immigrants of Haiti, El Salvador, and Honduras.

The attorneys for the organization are arguing that Trump’s motives for the laws are racially motivated and the tapes would bolster that claim.

The tapes are the property of the show, in this case MGM Holdings Inc. and Trump Productions LLC,  and I’ve written before how MGM cannot release the tapes voluntarily due to contractual obligations. It’s no different than President Trump’s NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreements).

The subpoena demanded any footage shot during the production of the show in which Trump “uses racial and/or ethnic slurs” or “makes remarks concerning race, nationality and/or ethnic background.”

“Access to these videotapes will help further demonstrate that Defendant Trump holds racially biased views that impact his policy and decision making. The subpoenas also seek any relevant outtakes, audio clips and transcripts made during production of the show.” Attorney Oren Nimni.


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How to Prove in Five Minutes the Trump N-Word Tapes

Besides, MGM has made clear they aren’t releasing the tapes because they are prohibited per confidentiality contracts that were signed by Trump and Burnett. However, there’s a way around this.


Procedurally, MGM has a right to contest the subpoena request known as a seeking a protective order. The question is will they? And if so, why? There’s no doubt that Trump’s legal team will fight it, arguing it is not relevant, but why would MGM do it as a third party?

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter @mcatty_alex

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