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Putin is so ####### with the United States

Steven Seagal, yeah that one, is apparently a special representative on U.S. – Russia relations.


bob mueller investigation, trump tower meeting, mar a-lago

President Trump’s Bart Simpson Defense

The President of the United States continues to use his Bart Simpson defense of I Didn’t Do It, Nobody Saw Me Do It, There’s No Way You Can Prove Anything!”


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Next Stop for Those Getting Off the Trump Train

The Trump Train is derailing and just like the captain of a ship, the last one to get off will be President Donald J. Trump.


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Trump Can Clean Up His Own Immigration Mess

Judge Dana Sabraw made clear that the Trump administration is “100 percent” responsible for reuniting families under their border separation policy and the speed at which they are working at is “unacceptable.”


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It’s Confirmed -Trump Fears Mueller

Trump would rather face a legal battle than get subpoenaed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


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President Trump’s Administration Loses on DACA Again

Of course, since President Obama’s administration created the DACA program, Trump has been trying to dismantle it from the beginning.


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President Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission is a Fraud

There is no proof to back up the absurd claim by President Trump that three million votes were illegally casted, approximately the same number of more votes that Hillary Clinton received.


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Lebron James Who? Trump Rallies in Ohio

Twitter Tough Man, aka President Trump, was all silent in Ohio, Lebron James’ home state. Did you expect anything different?


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Melania Trump’s Presidential Bitch Slap

Melania, yet again, bitch slapped her husband, the President of the United States. What baffles me, is the Trump supporters that keep sharing these memes saying how much in love the Presidential couple is in. NEWS FLASH! They’re not!


lebron james net worth, lebron james interview, don lemon lebron james interview

WTF @realDonaldTrump

The President is what now, offended because Lebron James said he won’t sit across from him? Talk about snowflakes.


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It’s Time for President Trump to Meet Robert Mueller

Per Rudy Giuliani, who changes his mind every fifteen seconds and contradicts himself every thirty seconds, said that within the next seven to ten days, President Trump will decide whether that meeting takes place or not. I’m on the fence with this. Usually, I’m good at predicting what will happen next, but, I’m not so sure this time around.


russia probe, is collusion a crime

It’s Not Getting Any Better for Paul Manafort

Maybe he gets a presidential pardon from Trump, but to be honest, with so many players caught in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, that’s like trying to create a ripple in the ocean.


robert mueller investigation, roger stone wikileaks

The Manhattan Madam Meets with Special Counsel Robert Mueller

On July 21, I started my post with a porn star, a Playboy model and a madam walks into the White House. Apparently, the trio has also taken up residence in the Russia Wing of the White House.


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Trump’s Roll Back on Fuel Economy and Emission Standards

This week, the Trump administration whose policy is simply to reverse everything former President Obama did, did it again, this time with the environment by freezing fuel-efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions for automobiles.


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Can We Officially Say Trump is a Treasonous Traitor

So, my question if President Trump is a treasonous traitor is not because I think he is a Manchurian Candidate, but it is based on his actions, the likes of which makes sense to no rational person.


president trump government shutdown

Never, Ever, Cross El Comandante Trump

No one can disagree with President Trump. It’s that simple. Do so, and you will face his wrath. Close to him? Then he will shame you indirectly.


manfort ostrich jacket, special counsel robert mueller

It’s Over for Paul Manafort

Well, start with a $15,000 ostrich jacket and spending $100,000 a year on maintaining a pond. That’s just the type of evidence that infuriates jurors; the flaunting of wealth and arrogance.


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Ivanka Trump Goes Rogue

Ivanka Trump is now showed her true self, and it doesn’t look good for her father, President Trump.


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Are We Getting a Mueller-Trump Meeting

Rudy Giuliani has confirmed that President Trump is one step closer to speaking with Mueller. This, after President Trump tweets obstruction of justice by asking Jeff Sessions to end the Mueller investigation.


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Day Two of the Manafort Trial- Al Capone

The ghost of Al Capone looms large in the trial of Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign manager. Only Trump could think of tweeting about Al Capone. The last time I heard that name mentioned, was when I went for a motorcycle ride to visit an alleged safe house of Capone where rum runners dropped off their load of illegal booze.

is colluding with russia a crime, hillary clinton uranium 1

Hi. I’m President Trump and I Just Committed Obstruction of Justice

Today, the Tweeter in Chief, President “there was no collusion,” okay, maybe there was, but it’s not a crime.


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Trump Applies Chaos Theory to Immigration

While mathematics introduced us to the Chaos Theory, Trump did the same but in politics.

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