President Trump Archives- page 4

President Trump Archives- page 4

admiral william mcraven, security clearance revoked

William McRaven to President Trump- Revoke My Security Clearance

There’s one thing for sure: deep state crazies and their inbred cousins in Q-Anon fear facts and common sense. Start with all around bad ass and true hero to our country, William McRaven. Let’s go quickly over his bio:


#freepress, president trump fake news

Free Press = Bomb Threat for the Boston Globe

While I keep saying that the President’s attack on the media will one day end badly, meaning a mass shooting, the Boston Globe received a bomb threat. Of course, the same day as their initiative and renewed attacks on the media by Dictator Trump. So much for a free press.


costs of military parade, military parade news, trump military parade

Part III- President Trump’s Dictator Military Parade

Yesterday, new estimates were calculated at $92 million and just like that, poof. Gone. No military parade. I wonder why.


trump 2020, governor andrew cuomo

Ready for This- President Trump Lies Again

If I had a dollar for every lie the President told and a half-dollar for a every half-truth, will… you know. Outspoken critic of President Trump, Governor Andrew Cuomo was misquoted in part by the President. Nothing new there. So, let’s straighten this out.


#freepress, the boston globe

Senate Actually Passes a Resolution that the Media is Not the Enemy of the People

Today, the Senate actually passed a resolution affirming that “the press is not the enemy of the people.” Think of the symbolic message that our Congress, both Democrats and Republicans are sending to President Trump.


military pay raises by trump, military pay increase 2018

Part II- Estimated New Costs for President Trump’s Dictator Parade

Three days ago, I posted about President Trump’s military parade. I even made suggestions on how to better spend $12 million. Now, I did find that figure sort of low, but what do I know about financing a military parade. Actually, who does other than Kim Jung Un?


revoked clearance, john brennan, omarosa tapes trump

Former CIA Chief John Brennan Responds to President Trump

Brennan did not hold back with his op ed piece with the New York Times. Not only did he call President Putin’s denial of election meddling “hogwash,” but he said “President Vladimir Putin of Russia reiterated those denials numerous times over the past two years, often to Donald Trump’s seeming approval.”


cnn fake news examples, real clear investigatins fake news

The Media Will Strike Back at President Trump Today

Today, you will see something that you have never seen before and will likely never see again. Maybe if you have lived under the rule of a dictator in a banana republic, but not in the United States.


omarosa trump tapes, omarosa unhinged, trump n-word

Penn Jillette – Trump “Racially Insensitive”

Penn Jillette, the comedian/magician from Penn & Teller, claims there are in fact tapes in possession of Mark Burnett, the creator of “The Apprentice.


mgm studios tour, omarosa tape, trump omarosa, trump n word tape

How to Prove in Five Minutes the Trump N-Word Tapes

Besides, MGM has made clear they aren’t releasing the tapes because they are prohibited per confidentiality contracts that were signed by Trump and Burnett. However, there’s a way around this.


foia software, freedom of information act request form, whistleblower act, federal whistleblower act

NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) Obsessed President Trump

It has long been rumored that President Trump required those in the White House to sign NDA’s- Non-Disclosure Agreements.


white house press briefings, revoked clearances

President Trump Strikes Back Against His Political Foes

There’s no doubt that former CIA Chief John Brennan, former FBI Director James Comey, and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper have been vocal against President Trump. And now, the President has retaliated against them.


omarosa manigualt trump, omarosa twitter

Insert Foot in Mouth Repeatedly- President Trump

It couldn’t be more obvious that President Trump does not think before he speaks. Something the rest of us learned to do by the age of six. In his latest racist obsession with Omarosa Manigault, President Trump may have said the dumbest thing so far. I know, it’s hard to believe.


omarosa recording, john kelly tapes

Omarosa Confirms What We Already Knew- President Trump is a POS

President Trump’s un-presidential attacks started this week as Omarosa is promoting her book titled “Unhinged.” By the way, is it just me, or is President Trump acting unhinged?


andrew miller roger stone, roger stone cnn interview

Roger Stone Says He Won’t Testify Against President Trump

Funny, they all believe in the “fake news” mantra, but they all run to CNN for interviews. I wonder why? Maybe because they know what Fox will say and do, so now they have to convince everyone else of their side of the story.

omarosa and trump tapes, omarosa family, omarosa fired

What Else Does Omarosa Have on President Trump

Ready for This? Trump was caught lying again. This time about Omarosa.


national defense authorization act, hotel fort drum ny, john mccain brain cancer, military pay increase by trump

President Trump Gets Money for His Dictator Parade

The bill is named after John McCain, a real war hero and POW who did not skip the war because of bone spurs. It’s for that same reason that petty Trump didn’t even mention Senator McCaine. The bill is called The John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act.


fbi agent peter strzok peter strzok family

Peter Strzok, President Trump, Russia Collusion, and the Deep State

A year ago, Strzok was also working with the Robert Mueller team on the Russia election meddling and this is where Trump supporters get lost. We all know and it has been documented that Russia meddled in our election. That is an overwhelming consensus by the Intelligence Community. So, one thing has nothing to do with another. That doesn’t justify Strzok’s actions, but again, these are two separate and independent acts.


national defense authorization act, hotel fort drum ny, john mccain brain cancer, military pay increase by trump

Part III- President Trump’s Dictator Military Parade

Yesterday, new estimates were calculated at $92 million and just like that, poof. Gone. No military parade. I wonder why.


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Authoritarianism 101

These are the steps an Authoritarian Government takes.

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