President Trump, Bob Woodward, and Deutsche Bank

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Bob Woodward- Author of “Fear: Trump in the White House” and President Trump

President Trump, Bob Woodward, and Deutsche Bank

Per Bob Woodward’s book, “Fear: Trump in the White House,” President Trump exploded at John Dowd, Trump’s former attorney when he read a news report that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was issuing subpoenas to Deutsche Bank.

Calling Dowd, President Trump said as follows:

“I know my relationships with Deutsche Bank. I know what I borrowed, when I borrowed, when I paid it back. I know every goddamn one. “This is bullshit!”

Deutsche Bank has already paid a $7 billion plus penalty for being involved in “mirror trading” and Russian oligarchs.

I originally wrote about Deutsche Bank in July of this year and it’s connection to Supreme Court Justice Anthony, his son, and President Trump. That article is available below.

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