President Trump Can’t Keep His Lies Straight

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President Trump Can’t Keep His Lies Straight

Another day, another crazy tweet. The only difference between President Donald Trump and that crazy guy that I used to see in front of the courthouse yelling out gibberish all day, is that Trump has more money and is probably a better golfer.

Per President Trump’s latest- the Chinese hacked Hillary Clinton’s private email server. What happened to the 400 lb. man?

Now, President Trump that thinks Tweets are Executive Orders, is telling if not sending the FBI and the Justice Department on a goose chase.

“Report just out: “China hacked Hillary Clinton’s private Email Server.” Are they sure it wasn’t Russia (just kidding!)? What are the odds that the FBI and DOJ are right on top of this? Actually, a very big story. Much classified information!”

“Hillary Clinton’s Emails, many of which are Classified Information, got hacked by China. Next move better be by the FBI & DOJ or, after all of their other missteps (Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Ohr, FISA, Dirty Dossier etc.), their credibility will be forever gone!”

I think President Trump is running out of people and countries to blame. Of course, no one at the Justice Department or FBI has any clue what President Trump is talking about, and the hacking of the emails has been proven how many times now?

Seriously, I’m not saying this to insult the President, but he has serious mental issues. To say he is deteriorating mentally is an understatement.

An FBI official already responded that there is no evidence to back up this absurd claim. Regardless, the President that is obsessed with the “fake news” mantra seems to always be getting his news from fake news sources. Then again, he thinks the National Enquirer deserved a Pulitzer. I wonder if he still feels that way?

The story apparently originated with the Daily Caller and take a wild guess who was a co-founder? Tucker Carlson from Fox News.

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