President Trump Gets Money for His Dictator Parade

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President Trump Gets Money for His Dictator Parade


The President was at Fort Drum today signing a defense bill worth $716 billion.

The bill is named after John McCain, a real war hero and POW who did not skip the war because of bone spurs. It’s for that same reason that petty Trump didn’t even mention Senator McCaine. The bill is called The John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act.

“We’re standing up for our military, we’re standing up for our great American flag,” said President Donald Trump. “We’re standing for our flag. The armed forces have endured continuous combat for the past 17 years since the 1990s, the number of Solders on active duty was cut by 1/3. Our bases and vital equipment fell into a state of disrepair but those days are over.”

As part of the bill, the military will receive a pay increase of 2.6% which is great, except it also gives the funding President Trump needs for his ridiculous banana republic parade.

Now, as critical as I am of President Trump, I will not blame him for this 2.6% pay increase. I understand all the variables involved. However, if a soldier earns $100k a year which they don’t by any stretch of the imagination, that amounts to a raise of $2,600 per year or $50 per week, or $10 a day. Soldiers earn a fraction of that, so do the math.

My issue: President Trump keeps pushing for a $20 billion wall that apparently will would cost three times that amount, but the military gets to make another 2.6% and veterans are not being taken care of? That’s logical? But, what’s another $12 million for a parade.

Tell you what. Don’t build the wall and give the $20 billion to veterans and let them guard the border. They now have a job, make money, and the border is safe.

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