President Trump Involved with Stormy Daniels’ Hush Payment

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David Pecker, former CEO of the National Enquirer, President Trump, and Michael Cohen former attorney for Trump. Both Pecker and Cohen are cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

President Trump Involved with Stormy Daniels’ Hush Payment

David Pecker is the former CEO for the National Enquirer and long-time friend of President Trump. Pecker has an immunity deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller and up to now, little attention has focused on Pecker, but that is about to change.


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And all the President’s Men Couldn’t Put-

And now, none other than Trump BFF and chairman of the National Enquirer, the parent company of America Media, Inc., David Pecker is cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


As early as August 2015, Trump got together with Pecker in Trump Tower to discuss helping his campaign, which involves “catch and kill” stories, a term used when the media buys a story, thus, owning the rights, and then does not publish the story. Former Playboy model Karen McDougal is an example of this who sold her story to Pecker and the National Enquirer.

Because of McDougal’s involvement in this, there’s no doubt she will or has already spoken with Mueller’s team.


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The Karen McDougal Tape

We now know that President Trump knew that his friend David Pecker of American Media, a.k.a. The National Enquirer, was buying the rights to the story of Karen McDougal, the former playboy model that alleges to have had a lengthy affair with Trump. We also know Trump was caught in another lie regarding payoffs, the first one being with Stormy Daniels.


Pecker has been sitting on thirty years of dirt on Trump, so Cohen discussed with the President buying all the stories Pecker had in his possession. It is known that Pecker kept a safe in his office with compromising material.

In the infamous recording by Michael Cohen with the President, Trump uses the hypothetical that what if Pecker gets hit by truck, meaning what if Pecker dies, what happens to those stories? No doubt the National Enquirer the sister company of AMI (America Media Inc) which owns the material, could release all the stories.

Remember, Trump had said multiple times before to the media and on his Twitter feed that he knew nothing about the payment to Daniels and McDougal. Knowledge of the payments is one of the elements to have committed violations of campaign laws.

Campaign Finance Law Violations

Pecker apparently spoke with an expert on election law regarding the payments and understood there was a certain risk involved of violating campaign finance laws. That is why Pecker had refused reimbursement from Trump on the McDougal story.

In return, Pecker was going to have McDougal write stories for the National Enquirer focusing on fitness, appear on the cover, etc. as a way to better insulate AMI (America Media Inc) from liability. That would not likely hold up in court, but from the outside trying to look in, it does seem that McDougal was hired for legitimate purposes.

It also explains why Pecker did not want to buy Daniels’ story, saying he did not want to be associated with a porn star, forcing Cohen to have to facilitate the payment himself.

Cohen’s Payment to Stormy Daniels

Cohen initially said he made the payment to Stormy Daniels out of his own pocket and he did so because of his relationship to Trump and that he wanted to protect him.

What happened was that Allen Weisselberg, Trump’s CEO and at times personal CPA who also has immunity with Special Counsel Mueller and could have possibly handed over Trump’s tax returns to Mueller, was trying to figure out a way that payment could be made to Daniels. The problem?

Daniels was shopping her story around and so short on time, Cohen took out the line of credit on his home which that in of itself could be a violation if done so fraudulently and he lied on the loan documents.

Don’t forget that the same day that Paul Manafort was convicted, Cohen accepted a plea deal and he stated in open court that his campaign finance law violations were done at the direction of President Trump.

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