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How Close is Robert Mueller- Very!

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is either close, or Rudy Giuliani and President Trump think he is close. And while we are several steps behind Mueller and his legal team, you only have to look to the President, more specifically, Giuliani to know how close Mueller is.


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So, How Will This End with President Trump?

As many find this hard to believe, Russia and the United States aren’t friends. While President Trump would think it’s great if we could get along and everyone would agree to that, this isn’t the way to go about it. A tiger doesn’t change its stripes anymore than Trump will be presidential.


is collusion with russia crime

No Collusion With Russia, Well Maybe

In his interview with Fox and Friends, Giuliani said “I have been sitting here looking in the federal code trying to find collusion as a crime,” and “collusion is not a crime.” Giuliani is correct (partially).


michael cohen investigation, rudy giuliani, robert mueller trump golf course

President Trump is Desperate

Mueller was a member at Trump National Golf Club before Trump bought the property. Mueller requested a refund of his initiation fees/deposit when he submitted a letter of resignation. Mueller did not receive a refund and reports are his letter was not even replied to.


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The Supreme Court, Deutsche Bank, Russia, & President Trump

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy who is set to retire soon, has close ties to President Trump, but that’s not all.


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Don, Jr. and the Almanac Trial

In my profession, there is something called a moon question. A gotcha moment so named after Abraham Lincoln and his “Almanac Trial.”


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If You Break It- You Don’t Have to Fix it

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has reversed another Obama era rule that required companies to pay for damages they did to land. Sounds reasonable enough. If you break it, you fix it. This doctrine was known as the “Mitigation Policy.”


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Paul Manafort’s Trial Coming Up

Of course, on that list is Rick Gates, Manafort’s former business partner and friend that has already pled guilty and has been cooperating with Mueller.


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Allen Knows Where All the Financial Bodies Are Buried

If Michael Cohen was known as President Trump’s right-hand man, then Allen Weisselberg is Trump’s right hand.


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If it’s what you say- I love it!

Michael Cohen, former personal attorney for President Trump and now official thorn in Trump’s side, dropped two political bombs in less than forty-eight hours.


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Now Trump Has Pissed off the Farmers

Because of Trump’s self-created trade war, farming groups are now responding with an anti-Trump campaign (get in line).


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One Step Closer to Campaign Violations For Trump

Michael Cohen had another shell company opened in order to payoff Karen McDougal.


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The Karen McDougal Tape

We now know that President Trump knew that his friend David Pecker of American Media, a.k.a. The National Enquirer, was buying the rights to the story of Karen McDougal, the former playboy model that alleges to have had a lengthy affair with Trump. We also know Trump was caught in another lie regarding payoffs, the first one being with Stormy Daniels.


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President Trump Fears the Blue Wave is Already Here

There is no doubt that the United States Intelligence Community believes a 400 lb. man hacked the election, all from his bed.

Now, I wrote that for one simple reason: when you see that statement in writing, it reveals the absurdity of it.


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President Trump Loves to Silence People- How is Irrelevant to Him

President Trump can’t stand criticism. It’s that simple.


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Paul Manafort Buys More Time

Manafort appeared in court today wearing a prison jumpsuit. Gone are those days where Manafort confidently walked up the court house steps wearing thousand dollar suits and flashing a smile like there was nothing wrong in his world.


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Interesting Week Ahead in Trump World

You probably have yet to recover from the Trump hangover from last week, but load up on your carbs, drink plenty of water, take a couple of aspirins and settle in, because this week isn’t going to be any better.


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Michael Cohen’s FBI Seized Documents

A special master was appointed to oversee documents that the FBI seized on April 9, 2018 from President Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen. The FBI seized more than four million documents in total from Cohen’s hotel room, office, and home.

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Porn Star, Playboy Model, Now a Madam

Stop me if you have heard this one before. So a porn star, playboy model, and a madam walk into the White House, I mean a bar. Well, figuratively speaking, into the White House.


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Attorney Michael Cohen Taped President Trump

Disgraced attorney and President Trump’s longtime lawyer, confidant, fixer, and consigliere– Michael Cohen, has apparently recorded a conversation between the President and himself concerning Karen McDougal.

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