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It’s Over for President Trump- Allen Weisselberg Has Immunity

Why is Weisselberg so important, if not as important as Cohen: because Weisselberg as President Trump’s accountant can verify every single financial transaction that has taken place.


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And all the President’s Men Couldn’t Put-

There’s no denying the house of cards that is the White House is crumbling, and it’s crumbling fast.

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President Trump’s Spat with Jeff Sessions Continues

Welcome to today’s soap opera episode of the White House with a cast of characters that bicker more than the “Jersey Shore.”


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President Trump Interview with Fox News

President Trump sure has some great quotes that either has you laughing, scratching your head, or crying.In his latest interview with Fox News, President Trump did not let us down.


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President Trump is Hitting the Campaign Trail- Do Your Part

President Trump is scheduled to campaign for now, at least forty more days before the mid-term elections. I would gamble that he will increase his time campaigning because the President understands as well as anyone else that a Blue Wave will result in impeachment.


impeach trump now, paul manafort jury, michael cohen plea

Corruption and Chaos at the White House

Nothing to see here. Move on. Look- squirrel!


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Fox News is Fake News

Last night, with news of Michael Cohen implicating President Trump in campaign finance law violations and Paul Manafort being found guilty on eight of eighteen charges, I was curious what was happening in Fox News World. Apparently, nothing!


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“Lock Her Up”- West Virginia Rally

Just hours after Michael Cohen takes a plea and implicates President Trump in multiple felonies and Paul Manafort is found guilty on eight charges of fraud, President Jim Jones attended a rally in Charleston, West Virginia.

michael cohen plea deal, president trump impeach, paul manafort guilty

President Trump- Paul Manafort is a Good Man

This President respects nothing. Not our system of government, not people, nothing except blind followers that are getting in line to drink Kook-Aid.


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Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty and Implicates President Trump

It is over for President Trump! If you still support the President, then you are supporting a corrupt government. It’s that simple.


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First Lady Speaks Out Against Cyber Bullying

Only in bizarro world or the Trump Administration, same difference, do you see First Lady Melania on the opposite side of the spectrum as the President.


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Former CIA Director John Brennan Considering Lawsuit Against Trump

When President Trump won the 2016 election and news started to roll in on the Executive Orders President Trump was signing, my wife asked me how can the President be stopped? My answer was simple: the court system.


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How We Will See President Trump’s Tax Returns

Over and over I have asked why President Trump continues to block and obstruct anything related to Russia. If where this is smoke there is fire, then this is a forest fire. A little-known violation of the U.S. Constitution has President Trump’s tax returns front and center.


President Trump Commits Obstruction of Justice- Again

How many charges of obstruction of justice the President could face is endless. There is the obvious and very direct firing of FBI Director James Comey.

There are indirect attempts at obstructing justice with constant public attacks on Jeff Sessions who recused himself from the Robert Mueller investigation and appointed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosentein.


former security officers, ex cia directors, michael hayden, trump revokes security clearances,

The Intelligence Community Responds to President Trump Revoking Security Clearances

In a joint statement, the intelligence community wrote –

“We all agree that the president’s action regarding John Brennan and the threats of similar action against other former officials has nothing to do with who should and should not hold security clearances — and everything to do with an attempt to stifle free speech.”


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How President Trump Will Leave the White House

Like any other employee, the President could leave under good terms or bad. If good, he completes his term and that’s it. Bad would be the rare impeachment process or resignation.


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