President Trump- September 1 – September 10, 2018

President Trump- September 1 – September 10, 2018


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The Latest from El Comandante Trump

Apparently, the President is using his paralegal certificate from Trump University to enforce a non-existent law on a non-existent crime. The latest, straight from the Authoritarian playbook? Investigate the media.


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Trump to Detain Immigrants Even Longer

Under the 1997 Flores agreement, immigrants with political asylum requests were released after twenty days in detention pending their court hearing.


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Robert Mueller and Questions for President Trump

Giuliani is ready to object to Robert Mueller’s report, even though no one knows what’s in it. Giuliani has already stated that Executive privilege may be issued in order to prevent the report from being released to the public.


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Rudy Giuliani and President Trump Ready to Hide the Truth

Claiming Executive Privilege, Giuliani says that Mueller’s report may be either blocked in its entirety, if not portions of it. Here’s a logical question? Why? See a familiar pattern yet?


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President Trump Blasts Jeff Sessions

President Trump, who appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions, attacked him again. And again. And again.


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President Trump Chooses National Park Service Superintendent

Vela has been at the Grand Teton National Park since 2014 and will be the first Hispanic American to run the National Park Service.


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There Will be Blood on President Trump’s Hands

There is no doubt a reporter will be seriously injured, killed, maybe even a mass shooting. And the blood of those victims will be on President Trump’s hands.


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