President Trump September 11 – September 20, 2018

President Trump September 11 – September 20, 2018

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Former Trump Attorney John Dowd’s Incompetence

Dowd always took a nonchalant attitude towards the Robert Mueller investigation. Of course, when the President of the United States says something, you should take his word for it, but not if he is your client as an attorney and especially this President that has been proven to lie almost eight times a day!


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Florida Republicans Runaway from President Trump

The government, the one that President Trump works for, put the death toll of Puerto Rico at 2,975. Trump actually disputes those claims without any proof or documentation, other than the “almighty one has spoken.” What a disgrace to Puerto Ricans and our country.


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President Trump, Bob Woodward, and Deutsche Bank

Calling Dowd, President Trump said as follows:

“I know my relationships with Deutsche Bank. I know what I borrowed, when I borrowed, when I paid it back. I know every goddamn one. “This is bullshit!”


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No Pay Raises for Federal Employees- Plenty of Money for Golf

By the way, taxpayers aren’t only paying for the golf trips, President Trump is making money off his trips. Why? It’s simple.


September 11, 2018

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President Trump Honors 9/11 By Lying

Now, with the tragedy that is 9/11 you would think the President would hold back on lying, but like an addict, President Trump just couldn’t control himself.


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