President Trump to Limit Green Cards Because of Public Assistance

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Trump’s administration looking to restrict green cards.

President Trump to Limit Green Cards Because of Public Assistance

Once again, the Trump administration is proposing new rules for immigrants applying for green cards if they have used public assistance in the past. Smart move near the midterms?

Now to be clear, laws have always been in place to prevent immigrants from becoming what is known as a “public charge,” but, Trump’s new proposal expands on the definition.

Disqualifying benefits include Medicare Part D prescription drugs which is a program for the elderly and disabled, Medicaid with some exceptions for emergency services and disability services related to education, food stamps and Section 8 housing vouchers. This also includes S.N.A.P. (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).

Of course, the hypocrisy of this is twofold.

For one, it reminds me when people on social media believe immigrants are responsible for the overwhelming amount of crime, especially violent crimes like murder. Simply, not true. But the same holds true for immigrants and non-immigrants when it comes to public assistance programs.

Data obtained by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services from the Washington Post shows that percentage wise, almost the same amount of immigrants benefit from public assistance as non-immigrants. However, for immigrants it is 3.7% of 41 million immigrants while for native born Americans it is 3.4% of 270 million Americans.

Shouldn’t programs then focus on reducing the “public charge” for Americans because there are more Americans than immigrants, and thus, that is where the majority of costs are going?

Add to that I.C.E.’s request for $1 billion in funding to continue to support the President’s immigration policies and another $25 billion for the Mexico border wall even though most immigrants get into the country legally through travel visas and just don’t return home. But, chanting “stop tourist visas” just isn’t as catchy as “build that wall.” Since Trump supporters like to believe he’s the greatest negotiator ever, when did throwing good money after bad become a brilliant idea?

Even better, subsidies are subsidies regardless of the form it takes and everything else that is the same end result just with a different name. You can research on the amount of subsidies the government “hands out” especially to fuel and oil industries. The difference is that the fuel industry is protected by money and powerful lobbyists, poor people don’t have a voice.

But, the hypocrisy is even deeper than that. How much do you want bet that those like Stephen Miller applied for or received financial aid or the like? Or, President Trump received some sort financial subsidy for his construction projects?

Regardless, since President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions continue to lose in court, let’s simplify this. Maybe Trump can pull this off going forward, but you cannot apply laws retroactively.

Of course, if Trump’s administration has succeeded at anything it is in creating unnecessary litigation and clogging up the court system with cases. Then Trump turns around and hires more Judges to make up for it. Again, good money after bad, but then President Trump wants credit for coming up with a solution to the problem he created in the first place.

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