President Trump Uses the Troops and the Border Wall as a Prop – Again

The fact is that Trump’s presidency is a reality t.v. show complete with props. But, instead of a rubber chicken, President Trump uses the military, anti-immigration racist rhetoric, and the border wall.

Just this week, National Security Adviser John Bolton “pretended” to not cover up his legal pad that revealed his master plan with President Maduro of Venezuela. We’ll skip the national security violations he committed on purpose and his incompetence.

Now that Nancy Pelosi has invited President Trump back to give the address of the State of the Union, President Trump needs something to tout after the longest government shutdown in history at thirty-five days.

Mind you, the temporary reopening of the government lapses on February 15th, so to pretend he is tough on immigration and the border wall to satisfy his base of ignorant supporters, Trump is deploring several thousand troops again to the border wall. The hypocrisy of it all, withdrawing troops from Syria which only benefits Putin and Russia, but send more troops to stop the caravan?

Remember the last time Trump pulled this stunt and called it Operation Faithful Patriot right before the midterms? Hell, even the name Operation Faithful Patriot was removed and it was the operation without a name that never came to be.

In an off-camera press briefing, Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan told reporters that “several thousand” soldiers are being deployed per a request from the Department of Homeland Security. There are already 2,000 plus troops there.

Per Pentagon officials, the costs by the end of the month will total more than $130 million. How many mass shootings have taken place in the last two weeks with white American shooters?

Another “coincidence” with the Trump administration if not distraction, but more importantly, an appeal to his base to give himself something to talk about at the State of the Union.

Alexander Hernandez
Twitter @mcatty_alex

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