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trump immigration, immigration bail bonds, immigration problems in america, immigration attorneys feesI’ll Huff and I’ll Puff, & Lie. President Trump & the Caravan

With the migrant caravan heading towards the Mexico border, President Trump threatens military action.



samuel adams octoberfest, cnn global warming, global warming 12 years, hotels near oktoberfest munichDo You Like Beer, I Love Beer

Ready to pay more for beer because of global warming?




latest news on jamal khashoggi, washington post jamal khashoggi, trump saudi arabiaPresident Trump Gets Played Again- This Time by Saudi Arabia

President Trump is being played by the Saudis and continues to go on the record defending them.



trump rallies, trump news, trump interview 60 minutesHow Much More Can Trump Shock Us

How immune or numb are we at this point to President Trump that his outrageous statements are no longer headlines or is it that there is simply too much going on?


michael cohen investigation, rudy giuliani, robert mueller trump golf courseMueller’s Questions for President Trump

President Trump receives 15 questions from Robert Mueller. Questions to be answered in writing.


trump sessions, trump twitter, trump news todayChaos Still Surrounds Jeff Sessions

Just this past week, Senator Graham said President Trump joked with him about replacing Jeff Sessions, now it is being reported Trump spoke to Sessions’ Chief of Staff about the position.


sexual harassment attorneys, brett kavanaugh christine blasey ford, sexual assault lawyersDr. Christine Blasey Ford is a Liar

Republicans and the President have worked at discrediting Dr. Ford, but they won’t call her a liar directly.




robert mueller investigation, rod rosenstein trump, trump news, impeach trumpClinton and Lynch – Trump and Rosenstein

Today Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein went for a ride on Air Force One, reminiscent of Fredo going for a boat ride in the Godfather 2.


russia oligarchs putin, trump russia collusion, impeach trumpMore Assets frozen for Russian Oligarchs

Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska loses his $42 million mansion.



tribalism in politics, trump news, ballers hbo, politics todayThe Silver Lining of the Trump Presidency

Our country has become political, and that’s not a bad thing. I know the results aren’t immediate nor fast enough in today’s instant world, but maybe this is what was needed.


ny times trump evades taxes, tax fraud lawyersThe ##### Grabbing, Draft Dodging and Now Tax Cheat President

In the New York Times latest reporting, President Trump and his father Fred Trump, illegally avoided more hundreds of millions in inheritance taxes.


brett kavanaugh investigations, fbi investgations kavanaughPaul Manafort Meets with Robert Mueller- What a Week

This week Paul Manafort met with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.



eric trump stormy daniels, trump stormy daniels lawsuit, trump michael avenattiEric Trump is Involved

Breaking news- Eric Trump was involved in the Stormy Daniels’ payoff.




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