President Trump’s Trifecta Puzzle of Trouble

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President Trump’s Trifecta Puzzle of Trouble

As the walls of the White House continues to cave in with the tsunami of chaos that is the Trump administration, the puzzle is close to being completed. Who do you keep an eye on?

Start with Roger Stone.

Stone has yet to be indicted, but I’ve considered him from day one a key to connections with Russia and the Trump administration. Stone if he plays by the rules, he definitely pushes the boundaries, and his connections to Randy Credico and Julian Assange of WikiLeaks is definitely interesting and worth keeping a lookout for.

Stone blames Credico and says he was the go-between with Assange and him, which Credico denies. Assange is important because of the Hillary Clinton and DNC email hack and what remains to be seen is if Assange will be extradited to the United States. 

Michael Cohen is important for obvious reasons. He has along history with President Trump, just like Roger Stone, but Cohen knows the inside, the inner workings of Trump’s company and as we all know, did “dirty deeds” for the President.

All is quiet with Allen Weisselberg, but always fear the quiet ones. I said in prior posts accounting and bookkeeping isn’t sexy or exciting for the news, but that’s how the federal government builds their cases, just ask Al Capone when you reach the afterlife.

With Manafort’s case, I kept asking why is this case in trial? You can’t cross examine a paper trail. Paper makes for the best witnesses. It has no political ideology or affiliation. The end result was guilty on eight counts of fraud.

As was stated previously about Weisselberg, he knows where all the financial bodies are buried. Weisselberg was not only CEO of Trump’s company, but also his personal accountant. If there was any financing or exchange of monies between Trump and Russia, not only would Weisselberg know about it, but it would all be documented.

Let’s not forget that Weisselberg is not only mentioned in the audio recording of Cohen and Trump regarding the hush payment, but he is also working with Mueller and has an immunity deal. And if President Trump signed off on taxes that were fraudulent, those are additional federal charges coming down on President Trump. Everyone is focusing on collusion with Russia and the election, but Trump’s tax returns could reveal everything, and there’s  no doubt that Adam Schiff will be issuing a subpoena for Trump’s taxes.

Regardless, the Emolument Clause cases remain pending which is also another way to obtain Trump’s taxes, but in all honestly, do you really believe Mueller doesn’t have Trump’s tax returns already?

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.

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