President Twitter Strikes Back

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President Trump and Twitter

President Twitter Strikes Back

As an attorney dealing in cases involving family law, I can say I have been the victim of multiple attacks by the opposing party. Threats were all too, common.

I’ve been threatened to my face, on the phone, even once by a police officer that hinted sometimes people get pulled over and drugs are found inside their car. I was even attacked by a woman that wasn’t happy with the results I got her ex-spouse in court. But, all this was pre-social media.

On social media, attacks are common with everyone, especially if you are an outspoken critic of President Trump. For the mere fact that people don’t agree with your politics, you get harassed, trolled, insulted, and even threatened.

As a matter of fact, just yesterday I was called out on social media as a “third-rate lawyer.” Not only did this troll question my record and past, but called me a “low-life.” Now, do I deserve that because of who I represent? Nobody likes a lawyer until they need one. The fact is, attorneys are a necessary evil. Like I have always said: don’t f### up, and society would have no need for attorneys.

But, the issue is the daily insults, especially being called a “third rate” attorney and “low-life” by someone who knows nothing about me. What kind of an idiot goes on Twitter to insult someone like that? The President of the United States.

Yes, you read correctly. Now, those attacks weren’t on me, but I used myself to illustrate a point. This is the leader of the free world? Forget acting “presidential” because it would be an act, not something that happens naturally, but how about stop acting like an ass#### Mr. President?

In what ignorant universe is such behavior acceptable? Yet, Trump supporters find such behavior acceptable because “he’s fighting back.” I think he’s just acting like an ass####.

Yesterday, President Trump that has to make it all about himself, took to Twitter and in media interviews to attack Michael Avenatti, the attorney for Stormy Daniels and now Julie Swetnick, the third accuser against Brett Kavanaugh.

Let me simplify this as much as possible: our idiotic, immature, narcissistic President is an embarrassment and the world is laughing, literally!

If your twelve year old acted like that, you would straightened him out before he hits the “tweet” button, and yet, you support the President who has done more to regress than advance our country.

And before you defend your vote by saying he’s done this and done that, make sure you aren’t getting your information from Trump’s Twitter feed or Fox News which happened to edit out the Assembly laughing at President Trump when speaking at UNGA (United Nations General Assembly).

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter @mcatty_alex

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