Putin is so ####### with the United States

steven segal ambassador, steven seagal russian ambassador
Steven Seagal with Vladimir Putin about to be handed his Russian passport. Photo-Reuters

Putin is so ####### with the United States

August 6, 2018, 7:59 a.m.

Steven Seagal, yeah that one, is apparently a special representative on U.S. – Russia relations.

Seagal supports the annexation of Crimea, considers Putin a brother, one of the world’s greatest leaders, and doesn’t believe that Russia meddled in the U.S. elections. Talk about a brainwashed Manchurian Candidate.

In 2016, Seagal was granted Russian citizenship.

So, let me see if I can get this right- the straight to DVD eighties actor is all of a sudden a “special representative” on U.S. relations with a foreign enemy government?

Since Seagal’s background is Hollywood, I’m sure President Trump will love this. The hypocrisy I enjoy is when an actor speaks out against President Trump and then the Trump supporters yell out “Hollywood liberal.”

How is Seagal qualified for this job? Because he beat up some bad guys from another country back in the eighties?  Actually, we know he is not qualified and it is more of an honorary post, but it just shows you how fast Putin can flip someone. Putin’s game plan is obvious: “I’m your friend. Russia loves the United States. We love blue jeans, rock-n-roll music, and Harley Davidsons.”

You never let the fox in the hen house and Putin is nothing more than sheep in wolf’s clothing.

Whether it is Seagal, the President of the United States, or those two old guys that have gone viral with their matching T-shirts that reads they would rather be Russian than a democrat, Putin is simply brain-####### us. What happened at the Helsinki Summit? Putin admitted that he wanted President Trump to win.

When Obama was President, the haters kept posting pics of a shirtless Putin riding a horse while Obama was on a bicycle wearing a helmet. The anti-Obama crowd would say that the pic of Putin was that of a real leader.

The hate for President Obama was so bad that they preferred a Russian KGB spy over Obama, so Fric and Frac with their matching T-shirts isn’t anything new. Neither is ignorance. I always said be careful what you wish for. Now, Putin is our leader.

So, now we have Steven Seagal with Russia and Dennis Rodman with North Korea. I hope Robert Mueller can subpoena phone records and figure out when Putin called Kim Jung Un and asked, how can we work together to make the United States look stupid?

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