Read Bruce Ohr’s Transcript Before House Judiciary Committee

Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia has released the transcripts of Bruce Ohr’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee.

Read the full transcript below.

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Paul Manafort Sentenced. Judge T.S. Ellis Screwed Up

Welcome to the real world of criminal justice for rich white people.

Judge T.S. Ellis known for his colorful and at times inappropriate comments on the bench will now be known for something else.

Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign chairman, could have served under federal sentencing guidelines 19 to 24 years in prison, but Judge Ellis went way below that, sentencing Manafort to 47 months, saying that the guidelines were “excessive” and Manafort had “lived an otherwise blameless life.”

Record scratch! Huh? Blameless life?

Ellis actually said that Manafort had “earned the admiration of a number of people.” I included a list of those people in the post below along with their letters to Judge Ellis.

But seriously, haven’t the most notorious criminals been admired? That is an incredibly ignorant statement.

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But it gets better. Manafort never actually apologized for his criminal acts when he spoke to the court and Judge Ellis reminded Manafort of that.

“I was surprised that I did not hear you express regret for engaging in wrongful conduct. In other words, you didn’t say, ‘I really, really regret not doing what the law requires,’” Ellis said. He added that it wouldn’t affect the sentence, but said, “I hope you will reflect on that.”

I wonder if Manafort would have gotten even lesser time had he said “I’m sorry.” Even better, Manafort might even seek an appeal.

This is exactly why Mueller’s prosecutors should have gone after Manafort on the ten counts there was a hung jury on since he was only convicted of eight.

However, because Manafort was believed to be cooperating in other case, that was ignored.

The plea deal in that case was ruled invalid since Manafort continued to lie to federal investigators. So Mueller, if you are listening, go back and try Manafort on the remaining ten counts.

Next week, Manafort will go before Judge Amy Jackson where he could face ten years for two charges. The only question is will his sentence be stacked on top of his current one, or run concurrent?

Judge Jackson is also handling Roger Stone’s case.

By the way, Michael Cohen has cooperated with federal prosecutors and he got three years. Manafort went to trial and got four years.

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