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The FBI Agents Association (FBIAA) has just released its reported titled “Voices from the Field.” FBIAA  represents more than 14,000 active and retired FBI special agents.

FBIAA continues to call for the government shutdown to end, arguing that it undermines the FBI’s ability to protect the nation.

“Voices from the Field” is first-person accounts from special agents in the field on how the shutdown is compromising their work whether terrorism, drugs, gangs and child trafficking.

“Victims from domestic minor-sex-trafficking cases are not receiving the attention they need and/or visits and counseling services,” one agent said.

“The shutdown has eliminated any ability to operate. …. It’s bad enough to work without pay, but we can only conduct administrative functions while doing it.”

“While special agents remain on the job and will continue on the job, to be effective the operations of the FBI require funding,” President Tom O’Connor told the press.

Per the report, basic operational needs are not being met and the consequences are agents may seek employment elsewhere.

The report by FBIAA is available below.

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