Read House Oversight Committee Report on Trump, Nuclear Technology, and Saudi Arabia

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The House Oversight Committee led by Elijah Cummings, has just released this explosive report on President Trump and his administration’s efforts to provide Saudi Arabia sensitive nuclear technology.

The report can be seen below.

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Trump’s Lawyers Busted Lying About Hush Payments. See the Evidence

We all knew things were going to change in a hurry when Democrats would take over the House, and we are seeing the evidence come in as fast as lightening.

I have several posts listed and will summarize them in one final post, but below is the notes obtained by Rep. Elijah Cummings, Chairman of the Oversight Committee that shows that Trump attorneys, both private and in government, mislead the Office of Government Ethics, known as (OGE).

Below is the handwritten notes that Rep. Cummings received.

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Senate Finance Committee Investigating Maria Butina’s Ties to U.S. Treasury Dept.

A bipartisan investigation has been initiated by the Senate Finance Committee into Maria Butina and her connections to a conservative think tank and the NRA (National Rifle Association).

The Center for the National Interest think tank received a request by the committee for records related to meetings with Alexander Torshin and Butina with the Federal Reserve vice chairman and the Treasury Department undersecretary for international affairs per NPR news.

Republican Chairman Chuck Grassley and Democratic ranking member Ron Wyden of Oregon also sent letters to the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve to find out more about these meetings but, also their policies regarding meeting with foreign officials.

Documents obtained by NPR via a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) shows that the executive director of the think tank, Paul Saunders communicated to the Federal Reserve to organize meetings for Torshin.

“I am writing to request an appointment for Mr. Alexander Torshin,” Saunders wrote, in a March 2015 email.

“Mr. Torshin is in the United States on a private visit. … He would like to discuss U.S.-Russia relations and international economic issues and can also share his perspective on Russia’s financial situation and its impact on Russian politics.”

NPR also obtained a memo dating back to 2015 that shows that Torshin and Butina were touting their relationships with the National Rifle Association and their goal was to attend the yearly NRA conference.

The letter sent out by Senator Grassley and Wyden can be seen in the link below.

Alexander Hernandez 
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