Read House Republicans Letter About Hillary Clinton Investigation

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Read House Republicans Letter About Hillary Clinton Investigation

Below is the letter resulting from the investigation headed by Trey Gowdy and Robert Goodlatte regarding Hillary Clinton and the 2016 presidential elections.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter @mcatty_alex

Letter sent to Acting AG Wh… by on Scribd

Acting Attorney Matthew Whitaker is a Liar Among Other Things

Forget the fact that Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker is not qualified for the position and to be clear, fair is fair. I didn’t agree with former Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ policies on immigration, but he was highly qualified.

Let’s forget the fact that Whitaker made his money off dark money contributions from the sham organization he was running.

Let’s even forget the fact that he was counsel for a Miami Beach patent company that was fined and shut down by the feds because of fraud.

But what we cannot forget nor let slide is that Whitaker is a liar and lied on government forms multiple times.

Whitaker claimed on his resume and on government documents that he was named an Academic All-American when he played football at the University of Iowa. Whitaker’s false statements was listed on the website of his former law firm and on the resume of that Miami Beach company. Whitaker also lied about it when he applied for a judgeship.

Hold on, we aren’t done. In 2009, the press release from the Justice Department listed Whitaker as “an academic All-American football player.”

Apparently, Whitaker was an All American in his mind because he appears nowhere on the College Sports Information Directors of America website.

One more liar in the White House. Expect anything different?

To be fair, Whitaker was listed as a “GTE District VII academic All-American,” but it’s hard to believe that Whitaker wouldn’t know the difference because that’s for a district(s) versus nationwide.

A coincidence that he made a huge mistake in his favor and neither he or anyone else picked up on this faux pas after all these years except that now he’s in the national spotlight? I’m sure he would have received a letter, certificate, trophy, something that would have made that clear.

Well, if you have any doubt, go back to the beginning of this post and reread how he made his money. One more thing, Whitaker has amended his financial disclosure forms five times. See a pattern yet?

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter @mcatty_alex

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