Read Perjury Letter from Clowns Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows on Michael Cohen Sent to AG Barr

I honestly have nothing nice to say about Jim Jordan or Mark Meadows and most likely I never will. I consider them partisan hacks that do more harm than good.

Jordan and Meadows are a tag team duo that do nothing but disrupt and create dissension, and all for President Trump, probably with the hope of being appointed to some position in the White House.

Rep. Meadows at Michael Cohen’s hearing did what is being called a “prop” by using a black woman to stand next to him in the hearing to prove somehow that Trump isn’t a racist because she works for Trump.

I’m not sure when white people are going to learn the lesson that using a black person to prove they are not racist is racist. You don’t need any black friends to prove that point.

I remember a Trump supporter challenged me on that statement once and my response was didn’t white slave owners have sex with their black slaves? Crickets…

Whether you are racist or not depends on your prior and current acts. Considering that multiple videos have now appeared online of Meadows saying at rallies that he wants to send President Obama back to Kenya, I rest my case.

Cohen fired back at Meadows to ask her how many minorities and/or black people are in top positions working for the Trump Organization. Crickets…

Jordan, as always with his “schtick” like Trump with his red tie, never seems to wear a suit jacket and is always playing the role of the angry white guy. Jordan can’t speak or question anyone without yelling.

Going back in time, the “wonder twins” (old school reference for those who watched Saturday morning cartoons back in the seventies and eighties) filed Articles of Impeachment against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. What came of that? Nothing. It was a total farce!

But, they aren’t over. They have to continue to try to please President Trump. Two blind loyalists that do not have in mind what’s better for the country, just for themselves.

Now Jordan and Meadows referred Michael Cohen to the Attorney General William Barr for perjury charges. Time for common sense.

If Cohen is going to jail for already having lied to protect President Trump, you think he is going to do it again? Cohen did not have to testify and if subpoenaed, when need be, he could have asserted his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

If anything, Cohen wants to be more honest than ever to avoid jail time, not add to it. The reality is the most honest person you can find right now is Cohen. He has more to lose than he has already.

“Mr. Cohen’s testimony before the Committee on Oversight and Reform on February 27, 2019, was a spectacular and brazen attempt to knowingly and willfully testify falsely and fictitiously to numerous material facts,”Jordan and Meadows state to their letter to Attorney General Barr.

“His testimony included intentionally false statements designed to make himself look better on a national stage. Mr. Cohen’s prior conviction for lying to Congress merits a heightened suspicion that he has yet again testified falsely before Congress,” the letter concludes.

The letter details six distinct points supporting an investigation into whether Cohen’s testimony Wednesday before the committee was truthful.

My only question since I know nothing will come of this: will this letter be dismissed faster than Jordan and Meadows’ frivolous Articles of Impeachment?

The letter sent to Attorney General Barr can be seen below.

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