Read Roger Stone’s Request for His Transcripts

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Roger Stone, former campaign adviser to President Trump

Read Roger Stone’s Request for His Transcripts

Roger Stone, through his attorneys, has requested that his testimonial transcripts before the House Intelligence Committee be released publicly. The letter is directed to Devin Nunes who chairs the committee until Adam Schiff takes over in January.

My prior post shown below references to the fact that Special Counsel Mueller is going to receive the transcripts from the House, so Stone’s attorneys have requested that the transcripts be released publicly. Why?

Because now Stone will go on his disinformation campaign to beat Special Counsel Mueller to the punch.

Remember, neither President Trump nor any of his cronies want the truth to come out. They’ve been playing to their base from day one, trying their case before the court of public opinion.

The letter from Stone’s attorneys can be seen below.

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I’ve said from the beginning that Roger Stone is a key figure in Robert Mueller’s Russia probe and collusion with Russia. As is the norm in any investigation, you work your way up from the bottom (George Papdopoulos) to the top – Michael Cohen and Michael Flynn.

At the request of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the House Intelligence Committee will hand over their transcripts of their interview with Stone.

Looks to me like Stone is going to have sell more rocks.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter @mcatty_alex

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