Read the Full List of Those Being Investigated by House Judiciary Committee

Below is the full list, plus links with the letters and requests made to eighty-one individuals, government entities, and organizations tied into corruption, obstruction of justice, and abuse of power, including family members of President Trump.

House Judiciary Committee Unveils Investigation into Threats Against the Rule of Law

Investigation will extend to allegations of corruption, obstruction, and abuses of power.

The Committee will investigate three main areas:

(1) Obstruction of Justice, including the possibility of interference by the President and others in a number of criminal investigations and other official proceedings, as well as the alleged cover-up of violations of the law;

(2) Public Corruption, including potential violations of the emoluments clauses of the U.S. Constitution, conspiracy to violate federal campaign and financial reporting laws, and other criminal misuses of official positions for personal gain; and

(3) Abuses of Power, including attacks on the press, the judiciary, and law enforcement agencies; misuse of the pardon power and other presidential authorities; and attempts to misuse the power of the Office of the Presidency.

Below is the complete list with accompanying links:

(1) Alan Garten (letterdocument requests
(2) Alexander Nix (letterdocument requests
(3) Allen Weisselberg (letterdocument requests
(4) American Media Inc (letterdocument requests)
(5) Anatoli Samochornov (letterdocument Requests)
(6) Andrew Intrater (letterdocument requests)
(7) Annie Donaldson (letterdocument requests)
(8) Brad Parscale (letterdocument requests)
(9) Brittany Kaiser (letterdocument requests)
(10) Cambridge Analytica (letterdocument requests

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(11) Carter Page (letter, document requests)
(12) Columbus Nova (letterdocument requests)
(13) Concord Management and Consulting (letterdocument requests) (14) Corey Lewandowski (letterdocument requests)
(15) David Pecker (letterdocument requests)
Department of Justice (letterdocument requests)
(16) Don McGahn (letterdocument requests
(17) Donald J Trump Revocable Trust (letterdocument requests
(18) Donald Trump Jr. (letterdocument requests
(19) Dylan Howard (letterdocument requests)
(20) Eric Trump (letterdocument requests)

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(21) Erik Prince (letterdocument requests)
(22) Federal Bureau of Investigation (letter, document requests)
(23) Felix Sater (letterdocument requests)
(24) Flynn Intel Group (letterdocument requests)
(25) General Services Administration (letterdocument requests)
(26) George Nader (letterdocument requests)
(27) George Papadopoulos (letterdocument requests)
(28) Hope Hicks (letterdocument requests)
(29) Irakly Kaveladze (letterdocument requests)
(30) Jared Kushner (letterdocument requests)

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(31) Jason Maloni (letterdocument requests)
(32) Jay Sekulow (letterdocument requests)
(33) Jeff Sessions (letterdocument requests)
(34) Jerome Corsi (letterdocument requests)
(35) John Szobocsan (letterdocument requests)
(36) Julian Assange (letterdocument requests)
(37) Julian David Wheatland (letterdocument requests)
(38) Keith Davidson (letterdocument requests)
(39) KT McFarland (letterdocument requests)
(40) Mark Corallo (letterdocument requests)

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(41) Matt Tait (letterdocument requests)
(42) Matthew Calamari (letterdocument requests)
(43) Michael Caputo (letterdocument requests)
(44) Michael Cohen (letterdocument requests)
(45) Michael Flynn (letterdocument requests)
(46) Michael Flynn Jr (letterdocument requests)
(47) Paul Erickson (letterdocument requests)
(48) Paul Manafort (letterdocument requests)
(49) Peter Smith (Estate) (letterdocument requests)
(50) Randy Credico (letterdocument requests)

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(51) Reince Priebus (letterdocument requests)
(52) Rhona Graff (letterdocument requests)
(53) Rinat Akhmetshin (letterdocument requests)
(54) Rob Goldstone (letterdocument requests)
(55) Roger Stone (letter, document requests)
(56) Ronald Lieberman (letterdocument requests)
(57) Sam Nunberg (letterdocument requests)
(58) SCL Group Limited (letterdocument requests)
(59) Sean Spicer (letterdocument requests)
(60) Sheri Dillon (letterdocument requests)

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(61) Stefan Passantino (letterdocument requests)
(62) Steve Bannon (letterdocument requests)
(64) Ted Malloch (letterdocument requests)
(65) The White House (letterdocument requests)
(66) Trump Campaign (letterdocument requests)
(67) Trump Foundation (letterdocument requests)
(68) Trump Organization (letterdocument requests)
(69) Trump Transition (letterdocument requests)
(70) Viktor Vekselberg (letterdocument requests)

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(71) Wikileaks (letterdocument requests)
(72) 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee (letterdocument requests)
(73) Christopher Bancroft Burnham (letterdocument requests)
(75) Frontier Services Group (letterdocument requests)
(76) J.D. Gordon (letterdocument requests)
(77) Kushner Companies (letter, document requests)
(78) NRA (letterdocument requests)
(79) Rick Gates (letter, document requests)
(80) Tom Barrack (letterdocument requests)
(81) Tom Bossert (letterdocument requests)

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