Read the Letter to Trump from Airline Pilots on the Government Shutdown

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Below is the letter sent by the Airline Pilots Association International to President Trump regarding the government shutdown.

The Pilots Association is urging President Donald Trump “to take the necessary steps” to end the government shutdown, arguing that it will “adversely affecting the safety, security and efficiency of our national airspace system.”

Per the letter, there are fewer safety inspectors working at the Federal Aviation Administration, who are “needed in order to ensure the air traffic control infrastructure is performing at its peak levels of performance.”

News reports also indicate that hundreds of employees for TSA (Transportation Security Administration) are not appearing for work, calling in sick so they can take other jobs. These morning, major news outlets were in Miami International Airport showing how one terminal was closed.

Even worse are the employees that are prohibited from having outside employment due to union contracts, and thus, they are quitting their jobs instead to work in the private sector.

The government shutdown is on day twenty-one, and today was the first day the federal employees did not receive a paycheck since the shutdown began.

The letter can be seen below.

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