Read the Supreme Court Order on Mueller’s Secret Subpoena

Below is the order from Chief Justice Roberts of the Supreme Court in what is believed to be a subpoena tied into Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

The order from Justice Roberts is available below or via this link.

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Russian Troll Farms Included Anti-Masturbation Campaign

So much is going on with Trump’s administration, that it is easy to get lost in the chaos. A few days ago, the Senate released a report concerning the influence of social media campaigns by Russia. Trump supporters can say what they want about the campaign, but there is one truth that cannot be denied, and that is that Russia’s election meddling was to help President Trump and hurt Hillary Clinton. Read below my articles on Russia’s three prong attack on the United States.

The IRA – Internet Research Agency was a Russian troll farm tasked with spreading false information and memes. One of them was the “Army of Jesus” that I saw floating around on Facebook, and it had memes such as “Struggling with the addiction to masturbation? Reach out to me and we will beat it together.”

I thought it was funny, not knowing it was actually a Russian troll farm. Another quote read “you can’t hold hands with God when you are masturbating.” A phone number was provided. What was Russia’s game?

Per the Senate Intelligence Committee and the study conducted by three cybersecurity companies: New Knowledge, Columbia University, and Canfield Research, the fake Christian Facebook page as well as fake LGBTQ sites, were trying to get compromising information on those people, aka “kompromat.”

And yet, people continue to share memes on Facebook and re-tweets on what is obviously fake news. Most people don’t care because it suits their narrative which means they are doing Vladimir Putin’s dirty work.

Of course, the new argument is accepting Russia’s election meddling, something that President Trump has failed to do regardless of the overwhelming amount of evidence, but now Republicans say there’s no proof it affected the outcome of the election. Really? More tribalism and fake news.

Below is the report by New Knowledge. On page 40 are the masturbation memes that appeared on social media.

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The report submitted to the Senate Intelligence Committee is available below or via this link.

Report by New Knowledge to … by on Scribd

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