Republican Ron DeSantis and Racist Dollars

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Ron DeSantis. Candidate for Governor (Republican)

Ron DeSantis and Racist Dollars

I cannot think how many times politicians have taken a photo with the wrong person and when there is public outcry, whatever donations that person made to the campaign gets returned. But, if you think about it, we can’t blame a politician for being at a campaign rally who have hundreds, if not thousands of people that want to take a photo with them, they snap a pic, and it turns out that person has a shady or negative past.

However, when it comes to Republican Ron DeSantis who is running for governor in the state of Florida, it doesn’t matter. Have cash will travel.

At this point, DeSantis continues to fail to put distance between himself and racism, or maybe he’s not even trying. I’m just waiting for the pictures of him at a Klan meeting or wearing the white hood inside his home.

DeSantis as I’ve said before is a racist Trump mini-me. His own political ads has his child building a wall and DeSantis is reading #MAGA stories to his toddler. Way to warp your child’s sense of reality based on your own.

What kind of an ahole puts a child in political commercials to tout he is a carbon copy of President Trump?

But, if that’s not enough, DeSantis has been under pressure to return campaign contributions to a donor that leaves no doubt he is a racist. Then again, DeSantis is losing big time in the race for cash against Democratic Candidate for Governor Andrew Gillum.

The donor, Steven M. Alembik, has called out President Obama as a “Fu***** Muslim N-word” on his Twitter page. I’m sure Twitter Tough Guy Alembik doesn’t have the cojones to tell that to President Obama to his face. Yet, Trump supporters go nuts when anyone says a word that isn’t kind about President Trump and actually say we have to respect the office of the Presidency.

In total, Alembik has donated $20,000 plus to Desantis’s campaign. DeSantis’ campaign says they already spent the money. How they actually know they spent that specific twenty grand lacks all reasoning.

DeSantis campaign spokesman Stephen Lawson denounced Alembik’s comment to Politico. “We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again. We adamantly denounce this sort of disgusting rhetoric.”

Alembik’s defense is a double standard when it comes to using the “N word.”

“So somebody like Chris Rock can get up onstage and use the word and there’s no problem? But some white guy says it and he’s a racist? Really?” Note to Alembik- yes. It’s not that complicated.

As a minority born in Miami with two Cuban parents, there are certain words that as Cubans we joke and jest around with when it comes to other Cubans. It’s like when we were kids and had the “momma” jokes. Your mother is so (fill in the blank). It’s all fun and games between friends, but what if a stranger jumps in? Yeah, we know the end result.

Of course, in continuous defense of himself, Alembik told Politico that words today are considered racist that may have not been back in the day. You don’t say? So Bob Dylan was right? The times are a changing? Isn’t just about everything different today than it was twenty, thirty, forty years ago?

Because of the power of social media, Twitter told Alembik to delete the tweet, but Alembik said “when I write anything inflammatory, it’s because I’m seriously pissed off. I’m an emotional human being. Do I have a filter on what I say? In public, yes. Would I use that word in public? No. This is Twitter.”

Another useless defense. Social media isn’t public? I would argue social is more public than yelling on a street corner because there the audience is limited. On social media, the public is the entire world. Alembik doesn’t say it in public for one good reason: he knows what could happen to him if he did.

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