Rick Scott is Hiding Now

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Governor Scott’s tour bus. Photo Credit- Getty Images

Rick Scott is Hiding Now

Protest Governor Rick Scott, and he will leave you high and dry like a bride waiting at the altar. That’s no way to treat constituents.

These days, Governor Scott is avoiding not only giving out information of his schedule which should be available publicly, but Scott is also avoiding protesters. Here’s my simplistic take: if you are afraid of dealing with protesters, you are not worthy of any public office, especially if you cancel a previously scheduled appearance for that reason.

Scott apparently had supporters invited to a doughnut shop, but when protesters appeared, guess who didn’t. Forget the fact that supporters were there waiting for Scott for ninety minutes before they realized he wasn’t appearing. Governor Scott could have at least had the courtesy to send someone from his administration to the doughnut shop to let them know.

The issue? Governor Scott signed a law in Walton County that voided beach access and as a result, officials in the country are trying to reinstate the prior order to give the public access to the beach.

This isn’t the first time Governor Scott runs away from something. Remember Fangate (#fangate)? Governor Scott skipped out on a debate against Charlie Crist because he had a “prop” on the stage and that goes against the rules of a debate.

Crist usually had a small fan with him that he would put inside the podium because stage lights get very hot and it was his attempt to stay cool.

I’m the first one to say I was impressed the way Hurricane Irma was handled in Florida by Governor Scott and his administration, but this habit of skipping out when he doesn’t want to face the heat is not worthy of political office.

But, it’s not over for Governor Scott. Another complaint has been filed against Governor Scott for receiving excessive campaign contributions. The complaint was filed by PAC End Citizens United.

Governor Scott because of term limits is now running for a seat in the Senate.

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