Robert Mueller and Questions for President Trump

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Rudy Giuliani and President Trump may face written questions from Special counsel Robert Mueller.

Robert Mueller and Questions for President Trump

Maybe we are getting close to Special Counsel Robert Mueller wrapping up his investigation since we may be closer to the questioning of President Trump. There was no need in the past for Mueller to meet with President Trump unless he had all the information he needed.

Rudy Giuliani’s Conditions on the Robert Mueller Report

Giuliani is ready to object to Robert Mueller’s report, even though no one knows what’s in it. Giuliani has already stated that Executive privilege may be issued in order to prevent the report from being released to the public.

It’s an absurd argument because what Giuliani is basically saying is go ahead and investigate the President, but through Executive Privilege, we will block the report and it will never see the light of the day. Then why the rush to complete the investigation in the first place?

Of course, Giuliani is still talking about his counter-report, which is useless.

Giuliani did state that Trump’s legal team is willing to waive Executive Privilege under three conditions.


  1. “we had an adequate opportunity to review the report before it was released to the public;
  2. if we felt that — even if we disagreed with its findings — it was fair;
  3. and if we had the chance to release a rebuttal report simultaneously that addresses all of Mueller’s allegations.”

You already know the answers to Giuliani’s conditions.

Written Questions for President Trump a Possibility

The New York Times is reporting that Robert Mueller has agreed to accept written answers to his questions instead of a one-on-one interview which would have resulted in a long legal battle of whether or not a President can be questioned in a criminal investigation.

If we have moved from face-to-face questioning to written questions, as much as Giuliani thinks that is positive since the questions may be narrow in focus, we don’t know that.

Mueller may ask one question or a thousand. How about this for questions-

(1) Did you Mr. President, commit any act(s) that is a violation of the laws of the United States? If so, what were those specific acts and laws.

(2) In addition, did you commit obstruction of justice and/or colluded with Russia in anyway and please specify each act and instance?

See, just a few questions, but very open-ended, hence, Giuliani continues to spread lies to the media. By the way, answer “no” to those questions and you have perjury charge(s) if Mueller can prove otherwise.

Maybe what Mueller will ask is questions that force President Trump to plea the Fifth.

By the way, a sitting U.S. President has never pleaded the Fifth. At this point, President Trump would ignore completely Mueller’s questions. Be careful what you wish for, Rudy.

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