Robert Mueller Calls Check- His Power Move with Michael Cohen

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Robert Mueller Calls Check- His Power Move with Michael Cohen

Earlier today, Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about the timeline of a Russian real estate project pursued by Trump during the 2016 election with the idea of protecting the President. The project was titled the Moscow Project.

In his original statements to the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, Cohen had said Trump’s company ended discussions with Russia in January of 2016. Cohen also said there were no plans to travel to Russia nor did he consider asking Trump to travel to Russia as well, and that he had no memory of communicating with Russian officials. ALL LIES!

Cohen now admits he lied in order to create the false impression that project discussions ended before the first caucus which was in Iowa, but Cohen continued communicating with Russian officials past June of 2016, and even received communications in May that he may meet directly President Vladmir Putin.

NOTE TO TRUMP SUPPORTERS- still don’t see the connections?

President Trump already went on the attack today by calling Michael Cohen a “weak person” who is “not a very smart person.” I’m not sure why then Trump had Michael Cohen as his attorney for a decade and his right-hand man if he’s not a smart person, especially since Trump has said on the record a million times that he only hires the best.

Check- Robert Mueller

First, Michael Cohen appeared in court after President Trump submitted his written answers to Mueller’s questions. That’s no coincidence and in my prior post as seen below, President Trump backed himself into a corner when he said he answered Mueller’s questions himself because he didn’t need his lawyers for that. But more importantly, there might be something to Cohen’s sentencing date which is scheduled for December 12.

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President Trump Already Buried Himself with Mueller’s Questions

President Trump confirms that he answered Robert Mueller’s questions personally, a big mistake.


Below is a post on what is believed to be a secret hearing to be held on December 14 for Mueller to issue a subpoena to President Trump.

If that is the case, once again, there is no coincidence on Cohen’s sentencing date because now Mueller can walk into court two days later with even more reinforcements as to why a Presidential subpoena is required.

Now, if Cohen continues to provide information, then the sentencing date will be postponed, one theory why Michael Flynn hasn’t been sentenced, but, Mueller still has plenty of reinforcement for why legal history should be made with a Presidential subpoena on a criminal investigation.


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Is There a Secret Subpoena Out for President Trump

While President Trump has submitted his written answers to Robert Mueller, court filings seem to indicate that Mueller may have already subpoenaed President Trump.


Rudy Giuliani has said before that because the President has the highest position in the Executive Branch, he cannot be indicted or prosecuted as a sitting President, a statement made by former President Richard Nixon, but there is no law to back up that claim. The Supreme Court would have to ultimately decide that issue.

Giuliani has also argued that a President cannot be distracted by an investigation, which I think is a losing argument since any President is distracted by a large volume of situations daily, but besides that, there is the issue of an ongoing cover up, meaning if we have to wait until the President leaves office, documents could disappear, etc. Unless, the President agrees to comply with a subpoena duces tecum which is for documents, versus a subpoena for his testimony.

In addition, I believe Giuliani’s argument will ultimately lose anyway because that means any President can commit crimes while in office and not be prosecuted for it, regardless of national security risks and the delicate balance of world diplomacy.

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A Trump Mueller Interview Almost Happened

A Mueller – Trump in person interview almost occurred between the President and the Special Counsel.

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