Robert Mueller is on Roger Stone’s Tail

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Roger Stone

Robert Mueller is on Roger Stone’s Tail

Earlier this month I wrote a post on Roger Stone’s aide- Andrew Miller who skipped out on a Grand Jury hearing. To do so is automatic contempt of court.

Miller’s attorney is making the same losing argument as all those before him; that Robert Mueller’s appointment and resulting investigation is unconstitutional.

Why Miller failed to appear before the Grand Jury was obvious. He was going to plea the Fifth, his right against self-incrimination. So, instead, Miller seeks an appeal on the contempt charge to buy time. What does Miller really want? Immunity.

There’s no doubt that Mueller is looking at Stone, and I would imagine within the next few weeks either Stone is arrested or he is also given immunity, although he has said many times before that he will not flip on the President. Now, think about that.

Flip on what? If there is nothing to say, then there is nothing to say. To already say that you won’t flip more than implies that you have valuable information.

Of course, what Mueller is looking into is Stone’s contacts with Russians and election hacking, specifically, Guccifer 2.0 and the WikiLeaks hack of Hillary Clinton and the DNC emails.

Miller is being painted, no pun intended since he is currently employed as a house painter in Missouri, as this brave person ready to fight the establishment that has nothing to provide. Most people are tough until they have to be tough.

The fact is, they are trying to get an unconstitutional ruling against Mueller to change the tide and the attorneys for Miller believe Miller is the perfect client to make this argument. Why?

Miller’s attorneys are arguing that Mueller is overreaching by subpoenaing someone that has nothing to do with anything. My guess: the courts will say we don’t know if he has nothing to do with anything until he speaks, hence, the point of having a subpoena in the first place. The courts are likely to say “no foul no harm” and if something comes up, then Miller is free to plea the Fifth. Subpoena powers are broad for this very reason.

A recent court filing does indicate that Miller has spoken previously with the FBI and even cooperated with them as he spoke to them voluntarily, but without the presence of an attorney. I guess he had nothing to hide then, but he has something to hide now.

Through his attorney which is being paid for in part by Michael Caputo’s legal defense fund, has made clear that one subject is off the table: testifying against Roger Stone. Why? Loyalty. Miller’s step-mother used to work for Stone.

Will Miller flip? Of course. He’s young, married, and has a four year old daughter. What is he going to do, lose it all for Stone? Possibly, but realistically, it’s unlikely. And again, it’s obvious he knows something.

And one question, why is Caputo’s legal defense team paying for this when Caputo himself was on CNN after meeting with Mueller and was complaining how much this was going to cost him and he couldn’t afford it, that now he gives money to Miller?

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.

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