Robert Mueller is Still Focusing on Roger Stone

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Robert Mueller is Still Focusing on Roger Stone

Roger Stone is correct when he says that he is on Robert Mueller’s hitlist. Why else is Mueller now looking into Stone associate number eleven?

This past Friday, Jerome Corsi who was the former Washington, D.C., bureau chief of Alex Jones’ Infowars, met with the grand jury. Stone is also a contributor to Infowars.

To my knowledge, Mueller hasn’t met with that many associates of anyone tied into the investigation of Russia election meddling, which begs the question, why so many of Stone’s associates.

I look at this from two angles. One, maybe Mueller simply doesn’t have enough information to issue a warrant and pick up Stone on charges. That’s the least plausible reason in my opinion.

Two, maybe Stone just knows too much, and one witnesses is leading to another, to another. That is what I believe is the most likely situation.

Stone has been involved in politics a long time and once was a partner in a top lobbying firm with no other than Paul Manafort. Stone has admitted to speaking via Twitter inbox to Guccifer 2.0 which is believed to be a Russian hacker and possibly behind leaking information that helped the Trump campaign, especially hacking into the DNC- Democratic National Committee emails.

However, more importantly, through Randy Credico, a former associate and former friend of Stone, Credico had direct contact with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange during the 2016 presidential campaign and Credico has already appeared to testify before the grand jury.

Normally, the longer an investigation is taking place on an individual, the more information is being uncovered, which means Stone has a major problem on his hands, especially since he keeps saying in media interviews that he will not flip on President Trump. That remains to be seen.

What’s interesting is that Infowars spews out crazy conspiracies. Were Russian operatives feeding them information to spread mis-information that would damage Hillary Clinton’s campaign and help Trumps? Let’s not forget who leads Infowars- Alex Jones. Another charge for not registering as a foreign agent? Time will tell.

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